Season 15 (2007)

Played by: Gerald Urquhart 
An evil creature who dwells in an ice cave on a glacier. He commands his foot soldiers the Chillers. He is constantly battling against his brother Moltor.

Played by: Kelson Henderson
A bumbling and naive abominable snowman whose frosty cavernous home was invaded by Flurious and is forced, sometimes willingly, to do dirty work for Flurious

Torch and weapon carrying foot-soldiers that serve Flurious

Played by: Mark Ferguson
Battled his brother, Flurious, from the beginning of time to find the Jewels to the Crown of the Gods. He must reside in heat and lives within the walls of a volcano. His henchmen are the Lava Lizards, with which he creates his monstrous creations.

Lava Lizards
Dinosaur like foot-soldiers that serve Moltor

Played by: Adam Gardiner
Miratrix’s master. He was trapped inside a jewel that Miratrix wore around her neck after he saved her on a distant planet, and was eventually released by a device Will stole for Miratrix (while undercover). He wields two swords that can combine to form a double-bladed staff, and he can create monsters and enlarge them using sutras. He has no footsoldiers, but once brainwashed ninja-garbed stuntmen at a movie set into serving him. Once released he used Miratrix and then turned against her and imprisoned her in the crystal he once was trapped in.

 Played by: Ria Vandervis
The servant of Kamdor. She was saved by him from being imprisoned within the jewel and has vowed to help him claim the Jewels of the Corona. She released Kamdor, but he turned against her trapping her in the crystal he once resided in. Was a love interest of Will.

The Fearcats

Played by: Kelson Henderson
Searched for the Corona Aurora alongside Cheetar, he also helped Benglo escape from the Prison Mirror but was destroyed and revived by Flurious Gyros and made into a Cyborg. Now, he has much more power and blaster/sword weapons. He is relentless and has no problem betraying the other villains to get the Corona Aurora.

Played by: David Weatherly
Escaped the Prison Mirror from help of his friends Mig and Cheetar. He was destroyed and revived by Flurious Gyros and made into a Cyborg. After witnessing the demise of Mig, he vowed vengeance, but before he could do anything, he was destroyed by the Red Sentinel Ranger.

Played by: James Gaylyn
He came with Mig to use the Corona Aurora to power up the Prison Mirror to release their brothers. They instead used Ronny’s Overdrive Tracker and Benglo was released. Cheetar took the full blast of their Drill Blaster, grew giant and was destroyed by the DriveMax Ultrazord.

Played by: Lori Dungey
Fearcat who can create illusions, causing Tyzonn to believe he was at his planet all along and never was the Mercury Ranger.

Played by: Glen Levy
Son of Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, who seeks revenge against the Sentinel Knight for imprisoning him on the Moon for trying to retrieve the Sword Excelsior and destroying him.

**info taken from Power Rangers Wikia