Season 16

Played by: Sarah Thomson
A bumbling loyal customer of Jungle Karma Pizza who is hired to work there by RJ.

Master Mao
Played by: Nathaniel Lees
Master  Mao is a previous mentor to the Rangers and Jarrod, He is master of the caracal spirit & leader of the Pai Zhuq, “The Order of the Claw,” which became the Pai Zhuq academy where Lily, Theo, Casey & Jarrod attended.

Master Phant
Played by: Bruce Allpress
He teaches Lily the techniques of the elephant, used to create the Elephant Spirit Ranger and tested Lily for her Master Stripes. He is master of the Elephant Spirit.

Master Swoop
Played by: Oliver Driver
He teaches Theo and prior to him RJ, the techniques of the bat, used to create the Bat Spirit Ranger and tested Theo for his Master Stripes. He is master of the Bat Spirit.

Master Finn
Played by: Paul Gittens
RJ’s father. He teaches Casey the techniques of the shark, used to the Shark Spirit Ranger and tested Casey for his Master Stripes. He is master of the Shark Spirit.

Master Guin
Played by: Michelle Langstone
Tests Lily and gives her a Master mode, she is master of the Penguin Spirit.

Master Rilla
Played by: Stig Eldred
Tests Casey and gives him a Master mode, he is master of the Gorilla Spirit.

Master Lope
Played by: Andrew Laing
Tests Theo and gives him a Master mode, he is master of the Antalope Spirit.

Luen Martin
Played by: Aljin Abella
Theo’s identical twin brother.

Dr. Silva Jennings
Played by:
Dr. Silva Jennings found five of the eight Crystal Eyes. She runs her own research center and has made the search for the eyes her life’s work, as it was her father’s. She has a Dolphin Animal Spirit, which is not in essence a zord.

Maryl Snyder
Played by: 
Maryl Snyder is a geneticist who works in Ocean Bluff. She develops the X5 Cloning formula which Camille steals to use on a Phantom Beast. Dominic has an attraction to her.