XVI. Locations


Jungle Fury Logo

Ocean Bluff

Jungle Karma Pizza Exterior Jungle Karma Pizza Interior

Jungle Karma Pizza
Jungle Karma Pizza serves as the Jungle Fury Rangers place of employments.

Jungle Karma Training Center Interior RJ Chair

The Loft
Located in the attic of Jungle Karma Pizza, The Loft is the home and training area of the Jungle Fury Rangers.


Pai Zhuq Academy Pai Zhuq Academy Interior

Pai Zhuq Academy
Pai Zhuq Academy teaches its students to harness their Animal Spirits.

Master Phant's Home Master Phant's Home Interior

Master Phant’s Home
This shack is the home of Master Phant.

Master Swoop Training Area Master Swoop Training Area Lake

Master Swoop’s Training Area
Master Swoop’s uses this area to train his students.

Master Finn's Home Master Finn's Home Interior

Master Finn’s Home
Located near a beach, this shack is the home of Master Finn.

Spirit World Spirit World Interior

Spirit World
The Jungle Fury Rangers travel to the Spirit World in order to train with the deceased Pai Zhuq Masters.

Rhino Nexus Rhino Nexus Interior

Rhino Nexus
The Rhino Nexus is the resting place of the Rhino Steel Zord.

Villain Locations

Dai Shi Temple Dai Shi Temple Interior

Dai Shi Temple
The Dai Shi Temple serves as the headquarters for Dai Shi and his followers.