Dominic Hargan, Rhino Ranger

Jungle Fury Rhino

Name: Dominic Hargan
Ranger: Rhino Ranger
Actor: Nikolai Nikolaeff
Episodes: 13
First Appearance: “Path Of The Rhino”
Last Appearance: “Now The Final Fury”
Sentai: Juken Sentai Gekiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Dominic comes to Ocean Bluff after traveling the world to visit RJ. After learning that Dai Shi was released from his imprisonment, he asks to join in the fight against the Dai Shi Clan. The Jungle Fury Rangers are reluctant at first due to how carefree he seems to be but after proving himself, he is given the Rhino Morpher and becomes the Rhino Ranger. Dominic is shown to be the jokester of the group shown when he first meets the Jungle Fury Rangers where he pretends to be a Health Inspector. After Dai Shi is defeated for good, he decides to continue his trip around the world and brings Fran along to accompany him.


Rhino Steel Zord Rhino Pride Megazord

Rhino Steel Zord/Rhino Pride Megazord
The Rhino Steel Zord is released from the Rhino Nexus by Dominic to use in giant battles. The Rhino Steel Zord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form known as the Rhino Pride Megazord.


Rhino Morpher Rhino Blade

Rhino Morpher
The Rhino Morpher is the personal weapon of the Rhino Ranger.

Control Dagger

Control Dagger
Dominic uses the Control Dagger to control the Rhino Steel Zord.