Robert “RJ” James, Wolf Ranger

Jungle Fury Wolf

Name: Robert “RJ” James
Ranger: Wolf Ranger
Actor: David De Lautour
Episodes: 32
First Appearance“Welcome To The Jungle: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Now The Final Fury
SentaiJuken Sentai Gekiranger
Producer: Disney

RJ Finn

Character Bio

RJ is a Pai Zhuq Master of the Wolf Spirit who trained Casey, Theo, Lily to become Jungle Fury Power Rangers. RJ grew up under the thumb of his father Master Finn who wanted RJ to take up his technique. However, he decided to follow his own path and donned the Wolf Animal Spirit. When RJ isn’t teaching Casey, Theo, & Lily how to harness their Animal Spirits, he’s running his own pizzeria known as Jungle Karma Pizza. After an altercation with Jarrod that caused his Wolf Spirit to transform him into a werewolf for a short time, RJ decides to join the fight against the Dai Shi Clan as the Wolf Ranger.


Wolf Animal Spirit

Wolf Animal Spirit
The Wolf Animal Spirit is the personal spirit of Wolf Jungle Fury Ranger. The Wolf Animal Spirit has the ability to combine with the Tiger & Jaguar Animal Spirits to form the right leg of the Wolf Pride Megazord.


Wolf Morpher Punch

Wolf Morpher
The Wolf Morpher, in battle can fire blasts of energy at oncoming opponents.

Alternate Form

Werewolf RJ

Werewolf RJ
When Dai Shi damaged RJ’s Wolf Spirit, RJ was transformed into a mindless werewolf.