Theo Martin, Blue Jungle Fury Ranger

Jungle Fury Blue

Name: Theo Martin
Ranger: Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
Actor: Aljin Abella
Episodes: 32
First Appearance: “Welcome To The Jungle: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Now The Final Fury”
Sentai: Juken Sentai Gekiranger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Theo is a senior student at Pai Zhuq Academy and is given the task of being one of the three guardians of the chest that contains Dai Shi. However, this task is cut short when Dai Shi is released from his prison and kills Master Mao. He is given instructions to go to Ocean Bluff with Casey & Lily to search for a new master there and when he does, he is given a Solar Morpher that gives him the ability to transform into the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger. Theo is the perfectionist of the group and is always trying to be the best at anything he does. When Dai Shi is defeated for good, Theo continue to work at Jungle Karma Pizza to start a budding relationship with Lily.


Jaguar Animal Spirit

Jaguar Animal Spirit
The Jaguar Animal Spirit is the personal spirit of Blue Jungle Fury Ranger. The Jaguar Animal Spirit has the ability to combine with the Cheetah & Tiger Animal Spirits to form the left leg of the Jungle Pride Megazord.

Bat Animal Spirit

Bat Animal Spirit
Theo can harness the power of Master Swoop’s Bat Animal Spirit to give the Jungle Pride Megazord & Jungle Master Megazord wings to fly in battle.

Antelope Animal Spirit

Antelope Animal Spirit
While in Jungle Master Mode, Theo can harness the powers of Master Lope’s Antelope Animal Spirit that has the ability to combine with the Gorilla & Penguin Animal Spirits to form the left leg of the Jungle Master Megazord.


Jungle Tonfa

Jungle Tonfa
The Jungle Tonfa is the personal weapon of the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger.

Jungle Fan

Jungle Fan
The Jungle Fan is given to Theo by Master Swoop to use in battle after he mastered his technique.

Claw Booster
The Claw Booster is used by Theo to morph into Jungle Master Mode. It is also used as a primary weapon while in this mode.


Jungle Master Blue

Jungle Master Mode
Theo is given this form after training with Master Lope. In this form, Theo is armed with a Claw Booster and can fire a jet-like stream in battle.

Spirit Ranger

Bat Ranger

Bat Spirit Ranger
Theo can transform the Bat Animal Spirit into a ranger-like form.