Season 16 (2008)

Jarrod/Dai Shi
Played by: Bede Skinner
Dai Shi is an ancient evil warrior from 10,000 years ago. He believed that animals should rule the planet and that humans should be erased. He was defeated by warriors and trapped inside a chest. After a brief battle with Master Mao, fallen student Jarrod accidentally opens the chest and brings Dai Shi to the real world. Dai Shi defeats Master Mao and takes Jarrod’s body, wielder of the Lion Spirit.

Played by: Holly Shanahan
Camille is Dai Shi’s loyal warrior. During Dai Shi’s absence, She remained quietly inside a wall awaiting her master’s return. She rejoins Dai Shi’s side to help him destroy the Power Rangers and assists at collecting fear. Camille has a chameleon battle armor and is wielder of the  Chameleon Spirit.

Played by: Kelson Henderson
Flit is a former enemy of Camille whom she cursed, turning him into an anthropomorphic fly. While not truly evil, he must remain on the villain’s side and reside in Camille’s stomach as a result of his curse otherwise he will die. Normally emerging during Zord battles, Flit monitors the Rangers’ fight as a Battle Commentator.

Foot soldiers of Dai Shi’s army. Certain Rinshi are selected and upgraded to harness powers of specific beast arts. Camille attaches animal totems to Rinshis to upgrade them. These Rinshi gain the power and fighting styles of the specific animal totems.


Played by: Cameron Rhodes
Carnisoar is the Sky Overlord and the holder of the Hawk spirit, a master of aerial martial arts. He uses a halberd and feather shurikens in his attack. Carnisoar took Jarrod into the past to eliminate every good deed that he did, making him much more evil.

Played by: Elisabeth Easther
Jellica is the Sea Overlord and the holder of the Jellyfish spirit, a staff wielding mistress who can neutralize her opponents’ physical attacks by having them pass right through her as she can turn into water. Jellica becomes Jarrod’s new master, guiding him in the ways of deceit and hatred.

Played by: Derek Judge
Grizzaka is the Earth Overlord and holder of the Grizzly Bear Animal Spirit, master of the power of Zocato that makes him the strongest of the Overlords. He also wears gloves that can sprout claws from the back of his hands.  Grizzaka blames Dai Shi for losing the Great Beast War and detests humans because they are weak .

Phantom Beasts

Played by: Richard Simpson
A Phantom Beast General that has the Snapping Turtle animal spirit. He possesses Rinzin power. Along with Whiger, Scorch, and five other Phantom Beasts they had attempted to overthrow Dai Shi during the Beast War. The resulting feud had caused the attack on the humans to stand on weak ground. With the finding of the Crystal Eyes in which the Generals were contained they resolved to ally completely with Dai Shi, plotting to make him Phantom Beast King and eliminate his humanity, ensuring the success of the Final Beast Wars.

Played by: Jared Turner
A Phantom Beast General that holds the spirit of the White Tiger and Dai Shi convinced him to steal Casey’s Tiger Spirit. He was defeated by Casey and disgraced because he was unable to defeat him.

Played by: Mark Wright
Scorch is the leader of the Phantom Beasts and possesses the Avalon Dragon Animal Spirit. His goal is to make Dai Shi become their new leader and become the Phantom Beast King. He possesses Rinzin power like his fellow Generals. He survived to spearhead Dai Shi’s army for the final battle, easily defeating RJ and Dominic, along with Masters Phant, Swoop and Finn, before being destroyed by the Rangers’ Triple Claw attack