XVI. Villains


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Dai Shi Temple Dai Shi Temple Interior

Dai Shi Clan

Dai Shi Spirit Dai Shi

Dai Shi
Voiced By: Geoff Dolan
Dai Shi is an ancient Dragon Spirit that enacted a Beast War 10,000 years ago.  Unfortunately for him, the Order Of The Claw trapped him in a box and there he stayed until he was accidentally freed by Jarrod. His first task after regaining his freedom was to kill Master Mao and possess Jarrod and use him as a vessel. He eventually finds no use for Jarrod and opens up a portal to the Spirit World to resurrect his army and enacts the Final Beast War. He steals the Pai Zhuq Masters spirits so that he may use their powers to acquire a solid form. This is only temporary however as he is destroyed for good by the chosen three.

 Evil Jarrod Lion Armor Jarrod Phantom Beast King  Griffon Armor

Played By: Bede Skinner
Jarrod is unwillingly chosen by Dai Shi as a vessel for him to use to enact the Final Beast War. While possessed by Dai Shi, Jarrod gained the ability to use his Lion Animal Spirit and use it as armor in battle. After the Five Fingers Of Poison failed him, he resurrects the Overlords to teach him how to reach his highest pinnacle of evil. He is offered the role of Phantom Beast King by the Phantom Beast Generals and is given a new armor based off the griffin. Jarrod is eventually able to release himself from Dai Shi’s influence and sides with the Jungle Fury Rangers to destroy him.

Camille Chameleon Armor Camille Phoenix Camille Phoenix Armor

Played By: Holly Shanahan
Camille eagerly waited in the walls of the Dai Shi Temple for 10,000 years, waiting for her masters return. Camile is shown to have a strong likeness for Dai Shi’s newest host body and desires to gain his favor by any means necessary. She is able to assume a chameleon-like form when harnessing the powers of her chameleon spirit. After Dai Shi becomes the Phantom Beast King, Camille is transformed into a Phantom Beast General by order of Dai Shi and is given the spirit of the phoenix. Camille defects to the side of good after learning that it is Jarrod that she cares for, not Dai Shi.

Flit Human Flit

Voiced By: Kelson Henderson
Flit is originally a human that was transformed into a fly by Camille during the first Beast War. Flit is usually shown commentating on Megazord Battles. He befriends RJ but this friendship is cut short due to him being unable to stay away from Camille for long. After Dai Shi is destroyed for good, Flit is turned human and is hired by RJ to work at Jungle Karma Pizza.



Voiced By: Cameron Rhodes
The Sky Overlord, Carnisoar is the first Overlord resurrected by Jarrod to teach him to reach his highest pinnacle of evil. After Grizzaka is brought back to life, he defects from Jarrod and aligns himself with Grizzaka. Carnisoar was given the task of distracting the Jungle Fury Rangers during their trip to the Rhino Nexus. He is first defeated in battle by the Red Jungle Fury Ranger but grows and is destroyed by the newly acquired Rhino Pride Megazord.


Voiced By: Elisabeth Easther
The Sea Overlord, Jellica is resurrected by Camille to replace Carnisoar as Jarrod’s teacher. After Grizzaka is brought back to life, she defects from Jarrod and aligns himself with Grizzaka. Once her fellow Overlords are destroyed, she uses the Crystal Eyes to free the Phantom Beast Generals and plots to use them to destroy Jarrod and Camille but is destroyed herself by them.


Voiced By: Derek Judge
The Land Overlord, Grizzaka takes over the Temple Of The Dai Shi and rules over Dai Shi’s army for a short time. Grizzaka is a user of a strong energy known as Zocato which Jarrod desires to harness. After Jarrod harnesses it and Grizzaka is overthrown, Grizzaka decides to take on the Jungle Fury Rangers himself but is destroyed by the Jungle Master Stampede.

Phantom Beast Generals


Voiced By: Mark Wright
Leader of the Phantom Beast Generals, Scorch desired to make Dai Shi their Phantom Beast King and succeeded after Whiger captured the Red Rangers Tiger Spirit. After Whiger is banished for a small failure, Scorch decides that Camille is influencing the human in him and planned to take her out. Scorch was chosen to lead Dai Shi’s Rinshi during the Final Beast War but was destroyed by the Jungle Fury Rangers.


Voiced By: Richard Simpson
Snapper alongside his fellow Phantom Beast Generals desired to make Dai Shi their king. When Camille and Jarrod betray Dai Shi, he is ordered to go after them but is destroyed by Camille herself.


Voiced By: Jared Turner
Whiger alongside his fellow Phantom Beast Generals desired to make Dai Shi their king. He succeeded in doing so after he captured the Red Rangers Tiger Spirit. After losing a battle against the Jungle Fury Rangers, he is stripped of his Rinzin and banished from the Phantom Beasts. He defects to the side of good and aides Casey in rescuing the other Jungle Fury Rangers before dying.


Rinshi Rinshi Beasts

The Rinshi serve as footsoldiers to the Dai Shi Clan.
They can also transform into Rinshi Beasts when given an animal spirit.