Tiger Zord
The Main Zord and Animal Spirit of Casey, the Red Jungle Fury Ranger.

Jaguar Zord
The Main Zord and Animal Spirit of Theo, the Blue Jungle Fury Ranger

Cheetah Zord
The Main Zord and Animal Spirit of Lily, the Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger.

Jungle Pride Megazord
Combination of the three Animal Spirits.
This Megazord has no sword and instead strikes with nunchuk weapons!
It is also able to combine with all of the Roar Max Zords:

Roar Max Zords

Elephant Zord
The Elephant Spirit of Master Phant; commanded by Lily, Yellow Ranger.
This Zord combines with the Jungle Pride Megazord to create a mace like weapon.

 Jungle Pride Megazord w/ Elephant Power!

Bat Zord
The Bat Animal Spirit of Master Swoop; Commanded by Theo, Blue Ranger.
Can combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord to create fan like weapons.

Jungle Pride Megazord w/ Bat Power!

Shark Zord
The Shark Animal Spirit of Master Finn; Commanded by Casey, the Red Ranger
Provides upper-body armor for the Jungle Pride Megazord as well as drill attacks!

 Jungle Pride Megazord w/ Shark Power!

Gorilla Zord
The Gorilla Animal Spirit of Master Rilla and  is the second Zord of Casey, the Red Ranger.

Antelope Zord
The Antelope Animal Spirit of Master Lope and is the second Zord of Theo, the Blue Ranger.

Penguin Zord
The Penguin Animal Spirit of Master Guin and is the second Zord of Lily, the Yellow Ranger.

Jungle Master Megazord
Combination of the new Jungle Spirits into one.
It can also combine with the Roar Max Zords

Jungle Master w/ Elephant Power

Jungle Master w/ Bat Power

Jungle Master w/ Shark Power

Wolf Zord
The Wolf Animal Spirit of RJ, the Violet Wolf Ranger

Wolf Pride Megazord
The Jungle Pride Megazord joined with the Wolf Zord, it replaces the Yellow Cheetah as the left leg.

 Wolf Pride Megazord w/ Bat Power

Rhino Steel Zord
A carrier zord in the likeness of a Rhino is piloted by the Rhino Ranger, Dominic.
The Zord includes a long sword, is able to carry the Rhino Ranger and is able to carry all of the Animal Spirits at once.

Rhino Warrior Mode/Rhino Pride Megazord
Using it’s massive sword, this Megazord slashes and strikes using the Kanji symbol for “Fire”

Jungle Pride Charge
The 3 Main Animal Spirits join with the Rhino Steel Zord and charge!

 Jungle Master Stampede
The 3 Secondary Zords and the Rhino Steel Zord Stampede!

Lion Zord
The Lion Animal Spirit of Jared who was once a pupil of the Jungle Fury Rangers who became possessed by Dai Shi.

Chameleon Zord
The Jungle Beast Zord of Camille. It mouth functions as a gun to release the Zord’s tongue.
Has the ability to combine with the Jungle Pride Megazord as a weapon.

Jungle Pride Megazord combined with Lion and Chameleon Zords

Jungle Pride Charge with all of the Animal Spirit Zords