Season 17

Dr. K
Played by: Olivia Tennet 
Dr. K originally only spoke to the RPM Rangers through a computer program, but later revealed herself as a teen genius. She was originally housed in the Alphabet Soup where she was told she was allergic to the sun. When she was forbidden to leave the facility she accidentally  created the Venjix Virus thus inadvertently causing the destruction of mankind. However, mentoring the RPM Rangers in their fight against Venjix she is trying to make good on her mistakes.

Colonel Mason Truman
Played by: James Gaylyn
Head of Corinth of Defense and Father of Scott, the Red Ranger. Mourning the loss of his prized son, Marcus, sometimes the Colonel is a little hard on Scott.

Marcus Truman
Played by: Fellis McGuire
The deceased brother of Scott who was his fathers pride and joy. He was a far better skilled pilot than Scott, yet he had chosen Scott to be his second in command before his passing; a fact that was not known until after his death.

Corporal Hicks
Played by: Damien Avery
Hicks is the absent-minded right hand man to Colonel Truman. He was revealed to be a hybrid when Kilobyte activated him to attack Mason.

Played by: Mia Koning
Was one of Colonel Truman’s female soldiers and when all the men in Corinth fall asleep she assists the Yellow and Silver Ranger. However, it was revealed later that she was infected with Venjix technology and was a hybrid as well.

Played by: Murray Keane
Benny is a member of the Scorpion Cartels, and a good friend of Ziggy. He helped Ziggy escape Corinth city after Ziggy was accused of stealing a truck for himself.

Clare and Martin Landsdown
Played by: Angela Shirley & Stephen Papps 
The wealthy and shallow parents of Summer who try to convince her to marry

Mr. McAllistair
Played by: Jason Hoyte
Flynn’s Father who discouraged him at first from being a hero.