R.P.M. Morphers
With a call of “RPM, Get in Gear!”
Cell Shift Morphers: Used to transform Scott, Flynn and Summer into R.P.M. Rangers.
Rev Morpher: Used to transform Ziggy and Dillon into R.P.M. Rangers.
Sky Morpher: Used to transform Gem and Gemma into R.P.M. Rangers.
Each morpher is used to communicate with other Rangers and call forth the Zords.

Engine Cells
Chips designed by Dr. K to power up the weapons and call for the Zords.
They are also used to power the Nitro Blasters.

Wheel Blaster
Weapons used to control the Zords from the cockpit, they can also become laser guns.

Nitro Blasters
Common weapons of the R.P.M. Rangers, they also can transform into a sword mode.

 Street Saber
The Street Saber is the personal weapon of  Scott, Ranger Red.

 Turbo Cannon
The Turbo Cannon is the personal weapon of Flynn, Ranger Blue.

Zip Charger
The Zip Charger is the personal weapon of Summer, Ranger Yellow.

Road Blaster
A combination of the Red, Blue and Yellow Rangers’ weapons using the Zip Charger as a projectile.

Turbo Axe
The  Turbo Axe is the personal weapon of Ziggy, Ranger Green.

Rocket Blaster
The Rocket Blaster is the person weapon of Dillon, Ranger Black.

 Turbo Plasma Launcher
When the Turbo Axe and Rocket Blaster combine into one it fires twin destructive beams.

 R.P.M. Enforcer
When all 5 RPM Ranger weapons combine into one, powered by Engine Cells.

Cloud Hatchets
The Primary weapon of Ranger Gold and Silver which has 6 Modes
- Slash Mode: Flip Switch 1; Emits Fire
- Ice Mode: Flip Switch 2; emits a mist that turns to ice.
- Lightning Mode: Flip Switch 3
- Energy Mode: Flip Switch 1&3; arc blasts released from Hatchet
- Laser Mode: Flip Switch 2&3
- Jet Mode: Flip Switch 1&2&3; the hilt becomes a jet for flight

SkyShift Blazer
A combination of the Sky Morpher and Cloud Hatchet for Ranger Gold and Silver.
When Engine Cells 7&8 are used it creates a finishing attack.

Rail Saber
A sword like weapon much like a Nitro Blaster powered up with Paleo Engine Cells.

Rail Blaster
A blaster like weapon when the Rail Saber is combined with a Nitro Blaster.
It is powered up by the Paleo Engine Cells.

Project G.O-O.N.G.E.R.
(Ground Outdoor Operational Network General-Purpose Explorational Rover) 
 Multi-terrain attack and surveillance vehicle which allows the Rangers to explore the wasteland outside of Corinth.

Scott’s Personal Vehicle
A ’94 Nissan Sylvia personally driven by Scott when in Civilian Mode.

 Flynn’s Personal Vehicle
A blue Hummer personally driven by Flynn. Gem and Gemma ride with during battles.

Dillon’s Personal Vehicle
“The Fury”
A Black Pontiac GTO driven by Dillon, Ziggy rides along during battles.

 Summer’s Personal Vehicle
A dirt bike driven by Summer.