XVII. Locations


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Corinth Corinth Under Dome

The Dome City Of Corinth is the last city on Earth and is defended by the RPM Rangers.

Control Tower Control Tower Interior

Control Tower
Corinth’s Control Tower is the headquarters for Col.Truman and Corinth’s Defense System.

The Garage Dr.K Lab

The Garage
The Garage serves as the home and base of operations for the RPM Rangers. The Garage also houses a lab for Dr.K for which she uses to track the Bio Field.

Jungle Karma Pizza Jungle Karma Pizza Interior

Jungle Karma Pizza
Ziggy & Benny are shown leaving a Jungle Karma Pizza during Ziggy’s tenure as an employee of the Scorpion Cartel.

The Wasteland

Venjix Palace Venjix Palace Interior

Venjix Palace
The Venjix Palace serves as the base of operations for the Venjix Virus and his robotic servants.