Season 17

Episode 1

Generation 5 – Attack Bot
“Road to Corinth”  & “Fade to Black”
Info: Used his pipes to start polluting the air
Defeat: High Octane Megazord

Episode 3

Generation 9 – Attack Bot Water Hoser
Info: Sent to infiltrate the city’s water supply
Defeat:  High Octane Megazord

Episode 4

 Subterranean Plutonic Gopher Bot
“Go for the Green”
Info: Created to dig below the Corinth City Shields
Defeat: High Octane Megazord

Episode 5

Generation 9 – Noz Bot Attack System
Defeat: High Octane Megazord

Episode 6

“Ranger Green”
Info: Tapped the city’s computebanks to get shield codes
Defeat: High Octane Megazord with Tail Spinner

Episode 7

“Pump Bot”
“Ranger Red”
Info: Eluded the Rangers in underground mining tunnels
Defeat: ValveMax Megazord

Episode 8

Boom Bot
“Ranger Yellow, Part 1″
Info: Created Sonic Interference to get into the city
Defeat:  High Octane Megazord w/ Wolf Cruiser

Episode 9

Camera Attack Bot
“Ranger Yellow, Part 2″
Info:  Invaded Summer’s arranged wedding in the garage
Defeat: High Octane & ValveMax Megazord

Episode 10

“Drill Bot”
“Ranger Blue”
Info: Dug into one of the two main fault lines that Corinth City sits on
Defeat: High Octane Megazord

Episode 11

Reflects Bot Generation 12 
“Doctor K”
Info: Has the ability to copy objects with a mirror
Defeat:  Zenith Megazord

Episode 12

Gat Bot
Defeat: Zenith Megazord

Broiler Bot 
Defeat: RPM Enforcer w/ Shark Engine Cell

 Sat Bot
“Blitz”  & “Key to the Past”
Info: Disrupted the Corinth shields so Gat Bot & Broiler Bot could enter the city
Defeat: RPM Enforcer

Episode 13

Lightning Bot
“Brother’s Keeper”
Info: Activated Mind Control chip on Dillon’s neck
Defeat: Zenith Megazord

Episode 14

“Oil Bot”
Info: Spills oil to make the Zenith Megazord slip and fall
Defeat: High Octane & ValveMax Megazord

Episode 15

Dyna Bot
Info:  Specialized in bombs and dynamite
Defeat: Sky Shift Blasters

Episode 16

Vacuum Bot
“In or Out”
Info: Sent to suck the oxygen out of the city
Defeat: High Octane Megazord w/ Bow & Arrow Power

Episode 17

Saw Bot Generation 15
Info: Copied the Ranger’s moves
Defeat: Zenith Megazord w/ Gold & Silver

Episode 18

Saw Bot  Generation 16
“Belly of the Beast”
Info: After gathering info was able to defeat Megazord Combos
Defeat: Mach Megazord

Episode 19

Balloon Bot
“Three’s A Crowd”
Info: Had Toxic Balloons
Defeat: Ranger Gold & Silver

Generation 3 Textile Bot
“Three’s A Crowd”
Info: Went to test Tenaya’s new Electro Magnetic Lightning Blaster
Defeat: SkyRev Megazord

Episode 2o

 “Man Hole Bot”
“Heroes Among Us”
Defeat: Ranger Gold

Episode 21

“Knight Bot”
“Not So Simple”
Info: Used bio-waves emitted from its blade to hack into the Zords
Defeat: 3 Megazords

Hammer Bot
“Not So Simple”
Defeat: SkyRev Megazord w/ Road-Attack Zord 

Episode 22

Chemical Bot
“Dome Dolls
Info: Make all the men in Corinth fall asleep
Defeat: SkyRev Megazord

Episode 23

Dowser Bot
“…And Action”
Defeat: RPM Enforcer

Episode 24

Drill Bot
“Ancient History”
Info: Sent to dig out the Paleozord
Defeat: PaleoMax Megazord

Episode 25

 Heat Bot
“Key to the Past”
Info: Used heat waves to blow up the new energy generator
Defeat: PaleoMax Megazord

Episode 26

Hyper Bot
“Key to the Past”  & “Beyond a Doubt”
Info:  Created to be Venjix’s new suit, was tampered with by Tenaya and attacked Venjix
Defeat: RPM Ultrazord

Episode 27

 “Dumbbell Bot”
Info: Powerful swinging dumbbells
Defeat: RPM Ultrazord

Episode 30

Generation 12 Energy Attack Bot
“End Game”
Info: Can warp the Rangers’ biofield
Defeat: Valvemax Megazord

Episode 31

“Final Attack Bot”
“End Game” & “Danger and Destiny”
Info: Composed of parts of nearly all previous attack bots & can freeze a Megazord
Defeat: Paleomax, High Octane & Mach Megazord