Flynn McAllister, Ranger Operator Series Blue

RPM Blue

Name: Flynn McAllister
Ranger: Ranger Operator Series Blue
Actor: Ari Boyland
Episodes: 32
First Appearance“Road To Corinth”
Last Appearance: “Danger And Destiny: Part 2
SentaiEngine Sentai Go-onger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Scott is a mechanic that always wanted to be a hero. After proving himself during The Battle Of Corinth, he is chosen by Dr.K to become Ranger Operator Series Blue. Flynn is always seen trying to make weapons to aide in the defeat of Venjix, to the dismay of Dr.K. After defeating Venjix, Flynn is given the task of making new computers for Corinth with his dad.


Lion Hauler

Lion Hauler
The Lion Hauler is the personal zord of Ranger Operator Series Blue. The Lion Hauler has the ability to combine with the Eagle Racer & Bear Crawler to form the legs of the High Octane Megazord.


Turbo Cannon

Turbo Cannon
The Turbo Cannon is the personal weapon of Ranger Operator Series Blue. 

Nitro Blaster Nitro Sword

Nitro Blaster/Nitro Sword
The Nitro Blaster is the standard sidearm for all the Ranger Series Operators. The Nitro Blaster has the ability to transform into a sword-like weapon.

Bio Field Ability

Time Freeze

Time Freeze
When harnessing the power of the Bio Field, Flynn is able to freeze time for ten seconds.