Gemma, Ranger Operator Series Silver

RPM Silver

Name: Gemma
Ranger: Ranger Operator Series Silver
Actor: Li Ming Hu
Episodes: 22
First Appearance“Doctor K”
Last Appearance: “Danger And Destiny: Part 2”
Sentai: Engine Sentai Go-onger
Producer: Disney


Character Bio

Gemma was raised in the Alphabet Soup thinktank to be a test subject for Dr.K’s Ranger Operator Series Silver technology. After Dr.K releases the Venjix Virus so that they could escape Alphabet Soup, she and her brother Gem are presumed dead after they attempted to obtain the Series Gold & Silver Morphers. However, it is revealed that they are alive and have been fighting in the wasteland since Dr.K escaped Alphabet Soup and eventually join the other Ranger Series Operators in fighting Venjix. Due to her being raised in a thinktank for all of her life, Gemma is shown to have a very childlike personality but is also shown to help develop weapons for the other Ranger Series Operator to use in battle. Gemma is also shown to have a very close relationship with her brother Gem due to them being able to finish each others sentences. After defeating Venjix, Gemma joins Scott & Gem in the new Eagle Squadron.


Tiger Jet

Tiger Jet
The Tiger Jet is the personal zord of Ranger Operator Series Silver. The Tiger Jet can combine with the Falcon Copter & Whale Zord to form the left arm of the Mach Megazord.

Whale Zord

Whale Zord
Originally a Venjix Doomsday Weapon, Dr.K added DNA of a Whale so that it could combine with the Falcon Copter & Tiger Jet to form the body of the Mach Megazord.


Silver Cloud Hatchet Skyshift Blazer

Cloud Hatchet/Skyshift Blazer
The Cloud Hatchet is the primary weapon of Ranger Operator Series Silver. Gemma can combine her Cloud Hatchet and Sky Morpher to perform her finishing attack alongside Gem.