Scott Truman, Ranger Operator Series Red


Name: Scott Truman
Ranger: Ranger Operator Series Red
Actor: Eka Darville
Episodes: 33
First Appearance“Road To Corinth”
Last Appearance: “Clash Of The Red Rangers”
SentaiEngine Sentai Go-onger
Producer: Disney

Scott Truman

Character Bio

Scott is the son of Colonel Truman and was a member of the Eagle Squadron. After proving himself during The Battle Of Corinth, he is chosen by Dr.K to become Ranger Operator Series Red. As the leader of the RPM Rangers, Scott is shown to be serious when it comes to his role on the team and is constantly shown to be at odds with Dillon. After defeating Venjix, Scott becomes the leader of the New Eagle Squadron.


Eagle Racer

Eagle Racer
The Eagle Racer is the personal zord of Ranger Operator Series Red. The Eagle Racer has the ability to combine with the Lion Hauler & Bear Crawler to form the upper body of the High Octane Megazord.

Paleozord 1 Paleozord 2 Paleozord 3

This Paleozords were tamed by Scott after it was released from Corinth’s mountain range. The Paleozords can combine with each other to form the PaleoMax Megazord.


Street Saber

Street Saber
The Street Saber is the personal weapon of Ranger Operator Series Red.

Nitro Blaster Nitro Blaster Sword Mode

Nitro Blaster/Nitro Sword
The Nitro Blaster is the standard sidearm for all the Ranger Series Operators. The Nitro Blaster has the ability to transform into a sword-like weapon.

Rail Blaster

Rail Blaster
The Rail Blaster is used when harnessing the powers of the Paleozord’s Engine Cells.

Bio Field Ability

Burst Attack

Burst Attack
When harnessing the power of the Bio Field, Scott is able to create three second burst attacks.

Later Appearances


Clash Of The Red Rangers
Scott follows Professor Cog to the Samurai Rangers Dimension to prevent him from transporting Sanzu River Water to his dimension.