Ziggy Grover, Ranger Operator Series Green

RPM Green

Name: Ziggy Grover
Ranger: Ranger Operator Series Green
Actor: Milo Cawthorne
Episodes: 32
First Appearance“Road To Corinth”
Last Appearance: “Danger And Destiny: Part 2”
SentaiEngine Sentai Go-onger
Producer: Disney

Ziggy Grover

Character Bio

Ziggy was a member of the Scorpion Cartel that fled Corinth after his boss Fresno Bob learned that Ziggy gave away medical equipment to an orphanage. While walking through the wasteland, he meets Dillon and travels with him back to Corinth where he befriends Dr.K and the Ranger Series Operators. While given the task of finding a candidate to become Ranger Series Operator Green, he bonds with the morpher himself after learning the candidate he chose was a Venjix Attack Bot. Ziggy is shown to be the jokester of the group and is seen trying to get Dr.K to open up to the group a little more. After defeating Venjix, he decides to open up a school with Dr.K.


Tail Spinner

Tail Spinner
The Tail Spinner is the personal zord of Ranger Operator Series Green. The Tail Spinner can combine with the Wolf Cruiser & Croc Carrier to form the left arm of the ValveMax Megazord.

Croc Carrier

Croc Carrier
The Croc Carrier is created to combine with the Tail Spinner & Wolf Cruiser to form the body of the ValveMax Megazord.


Turbo Axe

Turbo Axe
The Turbo Axe is the personal weapon of Ranger Operator Series Green. 

Nitro Blaster Nitro Sword

Nitro Blaster/Nitro Sword
The Nitro Blaster is the standard sidearm for all the Ranger Series Operators. The Nitro Blaster has the ability to transform into a sword-like weapon.

Bio Field Ability 


When harnessing the power of the Bio Field, Ziggy is able to teleport from place to place.