Season 17 (2009)

Played by: Andrew Laing
Venjix was a computer virus  created by Dr. K that turned on Humanity and infiltrated all the world’s computer’s and weapons systems causing Humanity to live in the Domed City of Corinth. Within no time he had control of the world’s communication, power, and defense systems and built armies of advanced robotic soldiers.

General Crunch
Played by: Charlie McDermott
General Crunch is one of the three generals of the Venjix Computer Network. General Crunch is not so serious and gives the appearance of being less intelligent unlike his co-general, General Shifter. And while he appears to be confused, dumb, and a bit of a blabbermouth, often angering Venjix, he also displays a highly tuned sense of strategy.

General Shifter
Played by: Mark Mitchison
General Shifter is one of Venjix’s three original loyal commanding Generals, a Generation 5 Attack Bot. He is methodical and wants to help his master claim victory over the Earth, and seems to be more serious than his co-general,General Crunch, though at times he has displayed a similar level of confused (lack of) intelligence, however he was also an adapt designer of Attack Bots, designing the first of Venjix’s bodies and the extremely powerful Hyperbot.

Tenaya 7 (Later Tenaya 15)
Played by; Adelaide Kane
Tenaya 7 is a Generation 7 Venjix Human Infiltration Attack Bot, and the latest creation of Venjix. He made her to look and feel like a human, but she is a warrior bent on destruction. It is later revealed that she is the long-lost sister of the Black Ranger, Dillon.

Played by: Leighton Cardno 
Kilobyte is an extremely dangerous Attack Bot General made by Venjix long ago, Kilobyte was thought to be destroyed and had been trapped in the wastelands for unknown reasons, but later on arrives at the Venjix base. He is cruel, strong, and sexist when it comes to women, especially Tenaya 7. He also takes delight in sabotaging her. It turns out that Kilobyte was there when Dillon’s sister was turned into Tenaya 7, alongside the Sat Bot and Venjix.

The foot soldiers of the Venjix Army. They are robot warriors with strong fight skills. They can fire lasers from their weapons, and they pilot the Drones.

The Drones are the basic attack machines of the Venjix Army. They can change from flight to ground mode. They fire out powerful laser blasts and are piloted by the Grinders.

**info taken from Power Rangers Wikia