XVII. Villains


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Venjix Palace Venjix Palace Interior

Venjix Computer Network

Venjix Virus Venjix Body Generation 13 Venjix Body Powered Up Venjix Final Body

Voiced By: Andrew Laing
Venjix was created and used by Dr.K to escape the Alphabet Soup think tank. However, she failed to install a firewall and Venjix began to spread around the the entire Earth. Venjix eventually succeeded at taking over the entire planet except for the city of Corinth. Venjix is shown to have the ability to create robots and sky crafts that he used to enact his conquest of  Corinth. He eventually grew tired of his army failing him and decided to built several bodies for him to pilot himself. To enact his final conquest of Earth, Venjix planned to use a device to activate all the hybrids in Corinth and use them to finally take over the domed city. He may have succeeded in his complete conquest if it weren’t for Tenaya 15 sending a virus into his mainframe and Gem and Gemma dropping a control tower on him. However, Venjix is presumably last seen as a blinking eye in Scott’s Morpher.

General Shifter General Shifter Hyper Bot

General Shifter
Voiced By: Mark Mitchinson
This Generation 5 Attack Bot served his master by creating Attack Bots to attack the city of Corinth with. He is eventually banished by Venjix after Tenaya made his Hyper Bot malfunction and attack Venjix. After being banished, he decided to attack Corinth himself and used it to attack the RPM Rangers. After his Hyper Bot is destroyed, he used a piece of it to power-up and take on the RPM Rangers himself. His powered up form was however destroyed by the RPM Ultrazord and he himself was destroyed in a one-on-one duel between Scott. Pieces of body were however salvaged to construct a final body for Venjix.

General Crunch

General Crunch
Voiced By: Charlie McDermott
This ditzy Attack Bot eaglerly served the Venjix Computer Network in any way he could, even if his plans were shown to be a little on the weird side. Ditziness aside, Crunch was shown to be a capable fighter in the field of battle, able to got toe-to-toe with Tenaya 15 before his untimely demise.

Tenaya 7 Tenaya 7 Visor Tenaya 15

Tenaya 7/15
Played By: Adelaide Kane
Tenaya was a blind human that was transformed into a hybrid to use to attack the humans on their own level. Tenaya is shown to be a capable fighter, able to take on all the RPM Rangers by herself. Tenaya eventually finds out that she is not completely robotic and is actually the sister of the Black RPM Ranger Dillon. She eventually defects to the side of good for a short time but is captured by Kilobyte and transformed into Tenaya 15 and striped of all her humanity. She is eventually released from her brainwashing after receiving an antidote by her brother.


Voiced By: Leighton Cardno
Kilobyte is Venjix’s most feared general who came to the Venjix Palace after roaming the wasteland for a long amount of time. Once there, he gains a rivalry with Tenaya 7 and takes over as main general after Tenaya 7 defects to the side of good. He does succeed at capturing Tenaya and upgrading her to Tenaya 15. He is also given the task of constructing Venjix’s Final Body. After Venjix’s Final Body was finished, Kilobyte is shown to get the shaft by Venjix and plotted to get rid of Tenaya 15. He fails however and is destroyed by the RPM Rangers Road Blaster.


The Grinders serve as footsoldiers to the Venjix Computer Network.


Venjix Drones Land Mode Venjix Drones Sky Mode

Venjix Drones
The Venjix Drones serve as both the land and sky assault vehicles of the Venjix Computer Network.

Venjix Personal Drone Venjix Personal Drone Combined

Venjix’s Personal Drone
Venjix had his own personal Venjix Drone he piloted while he was in his Generation 13 Body.