Season 1

Played by: David Fielding
The wise old wizard of the planet Eltar who was trapped in an inter-dimensional time warp gave the Rangers their powers and serves as their mentor. He was once in a great war with Rita Repulsa ending up with him trapped in his power tube.

Alpha 5
Played by: Romy J. Scharf, Voiced by: Richard Wood 
A fully sentient robotic automaton built on the planet Edenoi by King Lexian. He was the trusty assistant of Zordon and friend to the Power Rangers often  solving technical problems and assisting the Rangers in monstrous problems.
He is best known for his motto, “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!”

Eugene “Skull” Skullovtich & Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmeier 
Played by:  Jason Narvy & Paul Schrier
At first this duo was made out to be the punks of Angel Grove High often making trouble for the Rangers. They often get into scheme after scheme attempting to find out the identity of the Power Rangers!

Played by: Richard Genelle
Owner of the Juice Bar and the Angel Grove Youth Center and fan of the Power Rangers.  Ernie was around to lend a helping hand or advice to various characters and was often annoyed by Bulk and Skull’s antics.

Ms. Applebee
Played by: Royce Herron
A Teacher at Angel Grove High. She most often exuded a caring and comforting side, often taking interest in the activities of her students, but she could easily be a strict disciplinarian; this was often shown when dealing with Bulk and Skull’s antics!

Mr. Caplan
Played by: Henry Cannon
Principal of Angel Grove High and  most notable for frequently putting Bulk and Skull in detention, and once falsely did the same to the Power Rangers, keeping them from performing their duties

Played by: Renee Griggs
Was a love interest for Zack seen several times in Season 1 , he attempts to gain her affections often to no avail.