Season 1

“High Five”
Moves: Creates time warps and is able to detach his head.
Defeat: Trini battles him into the lava pit and he is destroyed.

“High Five”
Moves: Giant Hand
Defeat: Turned to sand by Tyrannosaurus Zord

Mighty Minotaur
Moves: Mase and Shield
Defeat: Destroyed by Power Blaster Combo

King Sphinx
“A Pressing Engagement”
Mission: Defeat Red Ranger
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

Gnarly Gnome
“A Matter of Trust” & “Sorcerer of the Sands”
Powers:  Invisibility, Able to Hypnotize
Mission: Kidnap Teenagers
Defeated: Megazord Finisher

Pudgy Pig
“Food Fight” & “Island of Illusion Part 1″ & “A Pig Surprise”
Mission: Eat the world’s food supply
Defeat: Power Blaster, Return to Normal Pig

Eye Guy
“I, Eyeguy,” “Island of Illusion, Part 1,” & “The Wedding, Part 1, 2 & 3″
Mission: Capture Willy
Powers: Separation of Eyes, Larger Main Eye
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

Terror Toad
“Power Punks”
Mission: Eat the Power Rangers
Powers: Horn, Ability to Eat Rangers
Defeat: Kimberly’s Power Bow through the mouth

Madam Woe
“Peace, Love, and Woe”
Mission: Destroy the Blue Ranger
Powers: Blue Gem
Defeat: Power Blaster

“For Whom the Bell Trolls”
Powers: Bottle Capture
Mission: Capture Rangers in bottle

“Foul Play in the Sky,” “Island of Illusion, Part 1,” “Zord’s Monster Mash,” & “The Wedding, Part 2 & 3″
Powers: Snake Hands
Defeat: Power Bow destroys Apple

Chunky Chicken
“Big Sisters”
Powers: Cut Open Dimensions with Scissors
Mission: Kidnap Trini and Kimberly’s Little Sister
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Switching Places”
Defeat: Alpha Destroys Magic Lamp

Knasty Knight
“Happy Birthday Zack”
Mission: Destroy Black Ranger
Powers: Dark Sword, Power Reflection
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“No Clowning Around” & “Island of Illusion, Part 1″
Mission: Disguised as a clown kidnaps Trini’s cousin
Powers: Transform, Change people to cardboard
Defeat: Frozen by the Mastadon and destroyed by the Tyrannosaurus

Dark Warrior
“Dark Warrior”
Mission: Capture Trini’s Uncle’s Formula
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“The Trouble with Shellshock” & “Island of Illusion, Part 1″
Powers: Red, Green, Yellow Light Attack
Defeat: Destroyed by Tyrannosaurus

“Itsy Bitsy Spider”
Powers: Poison Spider Web
Defeat: Dragonzord in Battle Mode

“The Spit Flower”
Powers: Poison Flower Storm, Energy Sucking Flowers
Defeat: Weakened Body Armor

Frankenstein Monster
“Life’s a Masquerade”
Powers: Neck Bolt Weapons
Defeat: Dragonzord in Battle Mode

“Island of Illusion, Part 1 & 2″
Powers: Toxic Foam
Defeat: MegaDragonzord

Rock Star
“The Rockstar”
Powers: Rock Pin
Defeat: Mirror of Destruction

Samurai Fan Man
“Calamity Kimberly”
Mission: Capture People in Bottle
Powers: Fan Blow, Bottle Capture
Defeat: UltraZord

“A Star is Born”
Mission: Capture Rangers in Coccoon
Powers: Coccoon Strings
Defeat: MegaDragonZord

Babe Ruthless
“A Star is Born”
Powers: Lightning Bolt Gloves, Balls
Defeat: Dragonzord in Battle Mode

“The Yolk’s on You!”
Mission: Retrieve Eggs from Rangers, thought stolen.
Defeat: Ultrazord

“Green Candle, Part 1 & 2″
Powers: Transform into Anything
Defeat: Destroyed by Ultrazord

“Birds of a Feather” & The Ninja Encounter, Part 1
Powers: Reassembly from Cardiotron
Defeat: Ultrazord

“Birds of a Feather” & The Ninja Encounter, Part 1″
Powers: Reassemble Hatchasaurus
Defeat: Power Sword/Dragon Dagger Slice Combo

“Clean-up Club”
Powers: His Horn
Mission:Pollute the Earth
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

Twin Man
“A Bad Reflection on You”
Mission: Impersonate Rangers and ruin rep as heroes
Powers: Imerpsonation
Defeat:Power Blaster

Goatan the Storm-Bringer
“Lions and Blizzards”
Powers: Create Blizzards, Hurricanes, Tornadoes
Defeat: Megazord

“Rita’s Seed of Evil”
Mission: Destroy Earth with tentacles
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Something Fishy” & “A Reel Fish Story”
Mission: Scare Billy
Powers: Immoblizing Venom
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

Fighting Flea
“To Flea or Not to Flee,” “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park”, & “Ninja Quest, Part 1″
Powers: Itchy Spikes
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Reign of the Jellyfish”
Powers: Teleportation, Suit Destroying Toxic Spray
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Plague of the Mantis” & “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park”
Mission: Challenge Trini’s Honor
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Return of an Old Friend, Part 1 & 2,” “Rangers Back in Time, Part 2,” “The Wedding, Part 1, 2, & 3″
Mission: Trick Billy into giving Dragon Dagger
Powers: Zombie Gas
Defeat: Ultrazord

Grumble Bee
“Grumble Bee,” “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park,” & “The Wedding Part 1, 2, & 3″
Powers: Deafining Buzz, Ranger Suit Eating Venom
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

Two-Headed Parrot
“Two Heads are Better Than One”
Mission: Split up Jason and Tommy
Defeat: It’s own selfishness LOL

“Fowl Play” & “The Wedding Part 1, 2, & 3″
Mission: Destroy Buildings with one Peck
Powers: Peck, Winged Blow Away
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Enter… the Lizzinator,” “The Wedding, Part 3,” & “Ninja Quest, Part 1 & 2″
Power: Super Metal Body, Super Stink Breath
Defeat: Ultrazord

Pumpkin Rapper
“Trick or Treat” & “Zord’s Monster Mash”
Powers: Suffocating Pumpkins, Wrapping Vines, Rapping
Defeat: Power Blaster

Slippery Shark
“On Fins and Needles,” “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park,” & “A Reel Fish Story”
Mission: Split up Jason and Tommy
Powers: Ground Surf,  Teleport
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Second Chance,” “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park,” & “The Wedding, Part 1, 2, & 3″
Powers: Turn into a Ball
Defeat: Megazord Finisher

“Football Season,” “Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park,” “Zedd’s Monster Mash,” & “The Wedding, Part 2″
Powers: Putty Football Team
Defeat: Megadragonzord

Commander Crayfish
“Mighty Morphin Mutants”, & “A Reel Fish Story”
Powers: Leader of Mutant Putty Rangers
Defeat: Ultrazord

“An Oyster Stew”, & “Rangers Back in Time, Part 2″
Powers: Pearl of Stillness
Defeat: Underwater Megazord Finisher