Season 1 (1993)

Rita Repulsa, Empress of Evil
Played by: Machiko Soga, Voiced by: Barbara Goodson
Ahhh! After ten thousand years, she’s free! 
Rita Repulsa was sealed away on the moon but after some numskull astronauts unleash her she sets her sights on the nearest planet, Earth.
Along with her gaggle of minions, Rita takes up base on the Moon where she peeks into the goings on of the Earthlings. When she sends her Monsters to  attack the Earth she first meets with her old adversary’s pupils, the Power Rangers. Her main ambition is to defeat Zordon and those pesky Power Rangers by sending monster after monster to test the Rangers’ ambition, teamwork and strength.

Voiced by: Kerrigan Mahan 
Goldar, is the main servant of Empress Rita and usually leads the charge before the Monster or an army of putties arrive on Earth.
He has had many rows with Jason, the Red Ranger and Tommy, the Green Ranger but usually flees after they get the upper hand.
During Season 1 he unquestionably serves his Empress while leading the army of monster invaders or chastising the other minions.

Squatt and Baboo
Voiced by: Michael J Sorich & Colin Phillips
Squatt and Baboo are among Rita’s close minions. They are usually bumbling and mess many of Rita’s plans up but she still sends them in to do her dirty work! They are best known for cheering on the monsters, messing with the Rangers or other dastardly deeds.

Voiced by: Robert Axelrod
Finster is Rita’s most loyal servant and chief monster maker creating tons of Rita’s creatures from clay.
He places a clay model of the monster and then bakes it for a few moments whena fully baked enemy is ready to attack.

Played by: Kawai Ami, Voiced by: Wendee Swan
Scorpina is a vicious servant born from a throbbing blob and a scorpion when Rita needed a strong warrior. She had a few run ins with the Rangers and could even create her own monsters. She was also able to grow with Goldar and become an even wickeder scorpion monster.

Putty Patrollers 
Rita’s ready made foot soldiers sent to distract the Rangers while the Monster attacks the city.
They are made from the same alloy as the Monsters only slightly less potent.

Rita’s Evil Green Ranger
Played by: Jason David Frank
Rita chose Tommy to hold her Dragon Power Coin and while he was under her spell he caused quite the destructive history with the Power Rangers. Luckily, from the power of teamwork and friendship he was freed from Rita’s spell.