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Rita's Moon Palace Rita's Moon Palace Interior

Evil Space Aliens

Rita Repulsa MMPR S01

Rita Repulsa
Played By: Machiko Soga
Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Rita is an intergalactic space witch that was imprisoned in a space dumpster by the wise sage, Zordon 10,000 years ago. Rita and her cohorts are set free when two astronauts stumble upon the space dumpster and accidentally open it. Once freed, Rita exacts revenge on her arch nemesis Zordon and plans to do so by conquering the planet Earth for herself by sending down monsters and her army of Putty Patrollers to get the job done. When monsters and Putty Patrollers aren’t enough to destroy the Power Rangers, Rita decides to use the Green Power Coin in her possession and uses it to transform Tommy Oliver into her Evil Green Ranger. However, this plan eventually backfires when Jason destroys the Sword Of Darkness and Tommy defects to their side.


Voiced By: Kerrigan Mahan
Goldar is Rita Repulsa’s second-in-command and the strongest of her subordinates.


Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Finster is in charge of creating monsters and Putty Patrollers for Rita Repulsa to fight against the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. To accomplish this task, Finster sculpts monsters and Putty Patrollers out of clay and cooks them in the Monster-Matic.

Squatt Baboo

Squatt & Baboo
Voiced By: Michael Sorich & Dave Mallow
Squatt & Baboo are loyal henchmen in Rita’s Army.

Scorpina Scorpina Monster Form

Played By: Ami Kawai
Voiced By: Wendee Lee
Scorpina is summoned by Rita Repulsa to add some extra muscle to her army. She is usually shown fighting alongside Goldar on the field of battle. She is also shown to have a more scorpion-like monster form when grown giant.


Played By: Masahiko Urano
Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Lokar is a giant floating head that Rita summoned a couple of times to aid in her conquest of Earth.

Putty Patrollers

Putty Patrollers
The Putty Patrollers are foot soldiers that are sculpted from clay by Finster and cooked in the Monster-Matic.

Super Putties Super Putty Pumpkinheads Super Putty Football Players

Super Putties
The Super Putties are stronger versions of the Putty Patrollers that are created from special clay that could only be destroyed by the Thunder Slingers.