Jason Lee Scott, Mighty Morphin Red Ranger I


Name: Jason Lee Scott
Ranger: Mighty Morphin Red
Actor: Austin St. John
Episodes: 106
First Appearance: “Day Of The Dumpster
Last Appearance: “Forever Red”
Sentai: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

In order to fight the evils of Rita Repulsa, Jason is given the Red Power Coin by Zordon so that he could morph into the Red Ranger. When Jason isn’t leading the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, he’s leading a karate class at Angel Grove’s Youth Center.


Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord
The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord is a tyrannosaurs rex-like zord that is piloted by the Red Ranger.


Power Sword

Power Sword
The Power Sword is the personal sword-like weapon of the Red Ranger.

Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the standard weapon for all the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers. They have strong blasting powers and also have the ability to transform into a tiny sword.


Dragon Shield Power
Jason is given the Green Power Coin by Tommy in order to prevent Rita from gaining his power. With the Green Power Coin in his possession, Jason was able to use the Dragon Shield & Dragon Dagger in battle.

Later Appearances

Wild Force
Jason is recruited with the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera.