The Power Sword
Weapon wielded by Jason, the Red Ranger

The Power Daggers
Weapons wielded by Trini, The Yellow Ranger

The Power Lance
Weapon wielded by Billy, the Blue Ranger

The Power Bow
Weapon wielded by Kimberly, the Pink Ranger

The Power Axe
Weapon wielded by Zack, the Black Ranger

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Their Weapons

The Power Blaster
The Rangers’ weapons combine into one powerful finisher!

The Dragon Dagger
Green Ranger’s powerful flute that calls and commands the DragonZord

The Blade Basters
The Rangers’ guns that can switch from Blaster to Blade mode

Slinger Blaster
Found at the base of Titanus’ lair; were used to battle super Putties

The Power Morphers
When the Rangers call out the name of their Dinosaur they Morph into Power Rangers


The Power Coins
Each Rangers’ Dino Power Coin is placed inside the Morpher.
They are also used to create the Power Crystals that pilot the Zords.

Dragon Dagger and Dragon Shield
When Tommy was losing his Powers, Jason was entrusted with the Dragon Dagger in order to call the Dragonzord.
He also wore Tommy’s shield.