Adam Park, Mighty Morphin Black Ranger II

MMPR Black

Name: Adam Park
Ranger: Mighty Morphin Black
Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch
Episodes: 145
First Appearance: “The Ninja Encounter: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Once A Ranger: Part 2”
Sentai: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Adam was originally a student from Stone Canyon that figured out the Power Rangers identities after he was saved from one of Lord Zedd’s scheme. From then on Adam aided the Power Rangers as a civilian until Zack passed his Black Ranger powers onto him before leaving for a Peace Conference in Switzerland. Adam teaches martial arts class at the local Youth Center and compete in local martial arts tournaments.


Lion Thunderzord

Lion Thunderzord
The Mastodon Thunder is transformed into this lion-like zord when empowered by the power of thunder. The Lion Thunderzord is piloted by the Black Ranger in battle.


Power Axe Power Axe Cannon Mode

Power Axe
The Power Axe is the personal axe-like weapon of the Black Ranger.

Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the standard weapon for all the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers. They have strong blasting powers and also have the ability to transform into a tiny sword.

Later Appearances


In Space
Adam aided Carlos when he had doubts about being a Power Ranger.


Operation Overdrive
Adam Park is recruited by Sentinel Knight to lead a team of Veteran Rangers to replace the Overdrive Rangers temporarily after Thrax disconnects them from the Morphin’ Grid.