Tommy Oliver, Mighty Morphin White Ranger

MMPR White

Name: Tommy Oliver
Ranger: Mighty Morphin’ White
Actor: Jason David Frank
Episodes: 235
First Appearance: “Green With Evil: Part 1”
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Producer: Saban

Tommy MMPR 2

Character Bio

After Tommy’s Green Ranger powers are completely drained, Zordon & Alpha 5 begin developing a White Power Coin that gives Tommy the powers of the White Ranger. As the White Ranger, Tommy becomes the new leader of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Tommy teaches martial arts classes at the local Youth Center and competes in local martial arts tournaments. After rejoining the team, he begins a relationship with Kim, the Pink Ranger.


White Tigerzord White Tigerzord Warrior Mode

White Tigerzord
The White Tigerzord is a white tiger-like zord that is piloted by the White Ranger. The White Tigerzord has the ability to transform into a humanoid form called the White Tigerzord Warrior Mode.



Voiced By: Tony Oliver
Saba is the personal sentient white tiger-like sword of the White Ranger.

Later Appearances

Super Megaforce
Tommy helped a small boy from a car with his trusty friend Saba.