Season 2 (1994)

Lord Zedd
Voiced by: Robert Axelrod
Angered by Rita’s lack of power in destroying the Rangers; Lord Zedd the  Emperor of Evil returns to his palace to take Rita’s Place and destroy the Rangers himself. He sends his new Z-Putties and creates monsters from everyday objects.

Rita Repulsa
Played by: Carla Perez, Voiced by: Barbara Goodson
After being banished from the palace back in her space dumpster, Rita secretly returns and sneaks a love potion into Zedd’s regenerative life support machine. He falls in love with her under the love potion’s spell and the two eventually marry. Rita’s plan is to overthrow him but soon grows to love him herself.

Voiced by: Kerrigan Mahan
Goldar at first betrays Rita and defects to Lord Zedd’s side and becomes his lackey.
To reward him, Lord Zedd grants him the power of his golden wings.

Squatt and Baboo
Voiced by: Michael J Sorich & Colin Phillips
Lord Zedd has no time for these idiots, and instead they watch from behind the scenes; narrating what Zedd’s current plan is.

Voiced by: Robert Axelrod
Once a master monster maker, Finster is no longer employed with Lord Zedd. Instead he sits in the back chambers where he created his monsters. When Rita returns he helps her create the love potion that would help her marry Zedd. He also aided her in youthful mask potion that makes her quite younger.

Played by: Sabrina Lu, Voiced by: Wendee Swan
Scorpina appears only one time in season 2 when she disguises herself as Sabrina, a human girl.

Z-Putty Patrollers
At first thought to be vastly superior to rita’s putties, these foot soldiers are easily defeated with a single punch to the Z on their chest. Quite the folly on Lord Zedd’s part.

Dark Rangers
Lord Zedd chooses 5 wicked teenagers who bullied the Rangers, to destroy the world as Dark Rangers.
When the Green Ranger destroys their source of power they too were destroyed.