Season 2 (1994)




Lord Zedd
Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
The self-labeled Emperor Of Evil, Lord Zedd comes to Rita’s Moon Palace to take over the conquest of the Planet Earth. He brings with him a new form of Putty Patrollers known as Z Putties and is shown to have the ability to create monsters out of everyday object. Lord Zedd’s first long lasting goal was to completely drain all the power from the Green Ranger Power Coin, which he succeeds at. Later in the series, Rita returns to the Moon Palace and gives a love potion to Zedd and they marry.


Rita Repulsa
Played By: Carla Perez Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Rita is exiled to the vastness of space by Lord Zedd for her failure in conquering Earth. However, she eventually returns to the Moon Palace and slips Lord Zedd a love potion and tricks him into marrying her. With this plan in motion, Rita plans on eventually getting rid of Lord Zedd and taking over as conqueror of the Earth.


Voiced By: Kerrigan Mahan
After learning that his true master has arrived at the Moon Palace, Goldar allies himself with Lord Zedd and in return is given back his wings and is given the task as field commander of Lord Zedd’s army.


Squatt & Baboo
Voiced By: Michael Sorich and David Mallow
Squatt & Baboo are shown constantly hiding behind a wall and commentating on Lord Zedd’s many plans of conquest.


Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Due to Lord Zedd’s ability to create monsters and footsoldiers on his own, Finster isn’t shown doing much until Rita returns to the Moon Palace. He concocts a love potion for her that makes Lord Zedd fall in love with her so that he will marry her.


Deemed the greatest zord ever built, Serpentera was piloted by Goldar and Zedd whenever they wanted to give the Rangers a tough battle. Thankfully, Serpentera has a limited energy supply and is unable to function for a long amount of time. 


Z Putties
Stronger than regular Putties, the Z Putties serve as Lord Zedd’s personal footsoldiers that he uses to fight the Power Rangers. Their only weakness is the giant Z on their chest that makes them fall apart if touched.