II. Villains



Zedd's Moon Palace Zedd's Moon Palace Interior

Evil Space Aliens

Lord Zedd

Lord Zedd
Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Lord Zedd is the self-entitled Emperor Of Evil, comes to Rita’s Moon Palace to take over the conquest of the Planet Earth. He brings with him a new form of Putty Patrollers known as Z Putties and is shown to have the ability to create monsters out of the everyday object. Later in the series, Lord Zedd is given a love potion by a vengeful Rita Repulsa and the two are married.


Rita Repulsa
Played By: Carla Perez
Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Rita is exiled to the vastness of space by Lord Zedd for her failure in conquering Earth. However, she eventually returns to the Moon Palace and slips Lord Zedd a love potion and tricks him into marrying her. With this plan in motion, Rita plans on eventually getting rid of Lord Zedd and taking over as the conqueror of the Earth. However, this plan is eventually dropped when Rita develops real feelings for Lord Zedd.


Voiced By: Kerrigan Mahan
When Lord Zedd comes to the Moon Palace, Goldar reveals that Lord Zedd is his true master and that he was tasked with serving Rita Repulsa many centuries ago. Goldar immediately pledges his loyalty to Lord Zedd and is given wing and the role of second-in-command of Lord Zedd’s Army. After Rita Repulsa returns to the Moon Palace and marry Lord Zedd, Goldar becomes hesitant of her and keeps a close eye on her.

Squatt & Baboo

Squatt & Baboo
Voiced By: Michael Sorich & Dave Mallow
Squatt & Baboo swear loyalty to Lord Zedd when he arrives at the Moon Palace to take over the task of conquering Earth.


Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
After Lord Zedd takes over command of the Moon Palace, Finister is shown to be obsolete due to Lord Zedd’s ability to create monsters and Z Putties. However, once Rita Repulsa arrives at the Moon Palace, he aids his Empress by concocting a love potion for her to use on Lord Zedd.

Scorpina MMPR 2 Sabrina Scorpina Monster Form

Played By: Sabrina Lu
Voiced By: Wendee Lee
Scorpina disguised herself as a transfer student named Sabrina to lure Adam & Aisha into a trap. She is eventually found out by them and reveals her true identity to them. After a short battle with the White Ranger, she grows alongside Goldar and retreats after being blasted by the Thunder Ultrazord and is never seen again.

Wizard of Deception

Wizard Of Deception
Voiced By: Tony Oliver
The Wizard Of Deception is summoned by Rita Repulsa to create an evil clone of Tommy Oliver and also send the rest of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers back in time. After the Tommy clone defects to the side of good, the real Tommy destroys him with his own wand.

Dark Rangers Civilians Dark Rangers

Dark Rangers
Played By: Patrick Wolf, Ogie Banks & Jhoanna Trias
The Dark Rangers were originally intended to be evil counterparts of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers that were powered by the Green Ranger powers but unfortunately for Zedd, Tommy regained the remaining Green Ranger energies Zedd stole from him and they were released from their brainwashing.

Tom Oliver Green Ranger

Tom Oliver
Played By: Jason David Frank
Tom Oliver is a Tommy Clone created by the Wizard Of Deception and was given the powers of the Green Ranger. After having a heart-to-heart with the real Tommy Oliver, Tom Oliver defected to the side of good. Due to two Tommy Oliver’s not being able to coexist at the same time, Tom decides to stay in the 1700s.


Serpentera is a powerful dragon-like zord piloted by Goldar & Lord Zedd whenever they wanted to give the Power Rangers a tough battle. Thankfully, Serpentera has a limited energy supply and is unable to function for a long amount of time. 

Z Putties

Z Putties
The Z Putties are stronger versions of regular Putty Patrollers that are used as Lord Zedd’s personal foot soldiers. Their one weakness is the giant Z on their chest.