Season 3

Premiere: September 2, 1995
Episodes: 43
First Episode: “A Friend in Need: Part 1″
Sentai: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Producer: Saban

“Rita Repulsa’s brother, Rito Revolto comes to The Moon with strange eggs. He takes on the Power Rangers to impress his older sister, and decimates their Thunderzords. Zordon sends them to the Desert of Despair where they find Ninjor who, after some reluctance at first, grants them Ninja Powers as well as new Ninjazords. The Rangers continued their fight against Rita and Zedd until Katherine Hillard, an Australian gymnast/ex-diver comes to Angel Grove under Rita and Zedd’s spell. Kimberly is captured by Goldar but is eventually rescued by Tommy and the Rangers also gain the Shogun Zords. Katherine later breaks free of Rita’s spell and tells the Rangers everything. Kimberly passes her powers to Kat but then comes Rita and Rito’s father, Master Vile who wants to gain the power of the Zeo Crystal. The Rangers thwarted that plan and one involving the singing Dischordia monster but Master Vile’s third plan basically stripped them of their powers, reversing the Earth’s time back a few years and turning the Rangers into kids.”