III. Allies





Voiced By: Bob Manahan
Zordon is a wise sage that was trapped in a time warp when he trapped Rita Repulsa and her cohorts in a space dumpster. After Rita Repulsa escapes her space dumpster, he chooses five teenagers to become the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

Alpha 5
Voiced By: Richard Steven Horvitz
Alpha 5 is the robotic assistant of Zordon and The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

 Ninjor Samurai Mode

Voiced By: Kim Strauss
Ninjor is the creator of the Original Power Coins used by the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. He bequeaths new Power Coins and Ninjazords to the Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger after they prove themselves to him. Shortly after given the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers their new powers, Ninjor becomes an ally to them in battle and has the power to grow giant sizes to help in giant battles. Ninjor is captured by Rita & Zedd for a short time and his life force is used to power the Shogunzord. Ninjor is eventually freed from Rita & Zedd’s possession and rejoins the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers until Master Vile reverts time. After time is reverted to its normal place, it is revealed that Ninjor returned to the Temple Of Power where he has remained ever since.

Voiced By: Tony Oliver
Saba is the sentient sword that the White Ranger uses in battle. After the White Tigerzord and original White Power Coin are destroyed, Saba becomes less talkative.

Dex Masked Rider

Dex/Masked Rider
Played By: TJ Roberts
Dex is the keeper of the Masked Rider powers and fights to protect Edenoi from Count Dregon.

King Lexian

King Lexian
Played By: Ralph Votrian
King Lexian is the King Of Edenoi and the creator of Alpha 5.

Young Tanya Tanya MMAR

Tanya Sloan 
Played By: Khanya Mkhize & Nakia Burrise
Tanya met Aisha when she was on her quest for the Yellow Zeo Subcrystal in Africa. After finding her part of the Zeo Crystal, Tanya is given her part of the Zeo Crystal to take her place on the team so that she can stay in Africa.

Angel Grove Residents

Bulk & Skull Young Bulk & Skull

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
After learning that girls love a man in uniform, Bulk & Skull decide to join the Angel Grove Junior Police Patrol.

Lt Jerome Stone MMPR S03

Lieutenant Jerome Stone
Played By: Gregg Bullock
Lieutenant Stone is the person responsible for training Bulk & Skull to be Junior Police Cadets and the person in charge of assigning Bulk & Skull tasks for the police department

Ernie MMPR S03

Played By: Richard Genelle
Ernie is the owner and manager of the Angel Grove Youth Center.


Played By: Royce Herron
Ms.Appleby is the primary teacher of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and Bulk & Skull.

Mr.Caplan MMPR S03

Played By: Henry Cannon
Mr.Caplan is the stern Principal of Angel Grove High School.


Mr.Wilbur Wilton
Played By: Robert Zachar
Mr.Wilton is a science teacher at Angel Grove High School.

Mayor Carrington

Mayor Carrington
Mayor Carrington is the Mayor Of Angel Grove.