Season 3

“A Friend in Need, Part 2 & 3″
Mission: Attack Planet Edenoi
Info: Created by Finster; Caught Kimberly’s Flu
Defeat: Thunder Megazord
“Ninja Quest Part 1, 2 & 4″ & “A Different Shade of Pink, Part 1″
Info: Hatched from Tengu Egg
Defeat: Ninja MegaFalconZord
“A Brush with Destiny” & “A Different Shade of Pink, Part 1″
Power: Drain Ranger Color
Defeat: Ninja MegaFalconZord
“Passing the Lantern”
Info: Created from Lamp belonging to Ko, Billy’s Family Friend
Defeat: Ninja Megazord 

Marvo The Meanie
“Wizard for a Day”
Info: Created from Mr. Wilton
Power: Turn Rangers into containers of liquid
Defeat: Red Ape Ninja Zord
“Fourth Down and Long”
Power: Turn People into Footballs
Defeat: Ninjor and Ninja Megazord
“Final Face-Off”
Power: Ability to Steal Faces
Defeat: Ninja Ultrazord
“Stop The HateMaster”
Power: Create Mass Hate
Defeat: Ninja Zord Attacks

Miss Chief
“The Potion Notion”
Power: Power of Infatuation
Defeat: Ninja MegaFalconZord
Kat Boa
“A Ranger Catastrophe, Part 1″
Info: Transformed from Kat (future Pink Ranger)
Defeat: Ninja MegaFalconZord

“Changing of the Zords, Part 2″
Mission: Use Wand to distract Rangers
“Changing of the Zords, Part 3″
Power: Open Coat Zap
Defeat: Shogun Megazord

Crabby Cabby
“Follow That Cab!”
Powers: Driving Like a Maniac
Defeat: Shogun Megazord
Garbage Mouth
“A Different Shade of Pink, Part 2″
Powers: Shooting Trash Blobs
Defeat: Shogun Megazord

“Rita’s Pita”
Power: Makes Tommy Eat ALOT
Defeat: Shogun Megazord

Brick Bully
“Another Brick in the Wall”
Power: Brick Lasers, Turn Rangers into Bricks
Defeat: Shogun Megazord
Sinister Simian
“A Chimp in Charge”
Powers: Scratch
Defeat: Antidote Missile from Blue ShogunZord

Blue Globbor
“Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, Part 1, 2, & 3″
Powers: Survive Megazord Attack, Combine Powers
Defeat: Ninjors Energy Ball

“The Sound of Dischordia”
Powers: Make Rangers Dance while Singing
Info: An Old Ally of Master Vile
Defeat:  Shogun Ultrazord

Professor Longnose
“Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2″
Info: Master Vile’s Field General
Defeat: Shogun Megazord
“Alien Rangers of Aquitar, Part 2″
Defeat: Shogun Megazord

“Climb Every Fountain”
Powers: Magnet, Destroy Power Coins
Info: Created from Billy’s Power Coin Device
Defeat: Aquitar Rangers Battle Borgs

Erik and Merrick The Barbarian
“The Alien Trap”
Defeat: Shogun Megazord
“Attack of the 60′ Bulk”
Info: Bulk (Childform) Transform
Power: Water Pollution

“Water You Thinking?”
Mission: Stop Aquitar Rangers from Finding Pure Water
Defeat: Shogun Megazord

“Along Came A Spider”
Power: Shoots Webbing
Defeat: Shogun Megazord