Aurico, Red Aquitian Ranger


Name: Aurico
Ranger: Red Aquitian Ranger
Actor: David Bacon
Episodes: 15
First Appearance: “Alien Rangers Of Aquitar: Part 1′
Last Appearance: “Forever Red”
Sentai: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After Master Vile uses the Orb Of Doom to transform the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers into children, Aurico comes to Earth to aide in the fight against Rita & Zedd. As the ground leader of the Aquitian Rangers, Aurico is usually the one who leads the rest of the team into battle.


Red Battle Borg

Red Battle Borg
The Red Battle Borg is the personal zord of the the Red Aquitian Ranger and has a striking resemblance to the Red Shogunzord. The Red Battle Borg has a direct telepathic link to the Red Aquitian Ranger so there is no need for him to pilot it. While the Red Battle Borg does not combine with the other Battle Borgs, it makes up for that in its speed and strength capabilities.

Red Shogunzord

Red Shogunzord
Aurico had access to the Red Shogunzord during his stay on Earth. In its base form the Red Shogunzord uses a slicer in battle that it throws at its enemies and can combine with the other Shogunzord to form the torso of the Shogun Megazord.


Aquitian Saber Red

Aquitian Saber
The Aquitian Saber is the primary weapon for all the Aquitian Rangers.

Later Appearances

Wild Force
Aurico arrives on the Moon from Aquitar with Leo to aid the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera.