Delphine, White Aquitian Ranger

MMAR White

Name: Delphine
Ranger: White Aquitian Ranger
Actor: Rajia Baroudi
Episodes: 15
First Appearance: “Alien Rangers Of Aquitar: Part 1′
Last Appearance: “Countdown To Destruction: Part 2”
Sentai: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After Master Vile uses the Orb Of Doom to transform the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers into children, Delphine comes to Earth to aide in the fight against Rita & Zedd. As the leader of the Aquitian Rangers, Delphine is wise and has a strategic mind.


White Battle Borg

White Battle Borg
The White Battle Borg is a white humanoid-like zord that is controlled by the White Aquitian Ranger telepathically.

White Shogunzord

White Shogunzord
The White Shogunzord is a white humanoid-like zord that is used by the White Aquitian Ranger during her stay on Earth.


Aquitian Saber White

Aquitian Saber
The Aquitian Saber is the primary weapon for all the Aquitian Rangers.