Billy Cranston, Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger


Name: Billy Cranston
Ranger: Mighty Morphin Blue
Actor: David Yost
Episodes: 189
First Appearance: “Day of The Dumpster″
Last Appearance: “Ranger Of Two Worlds: Part 2”
Sentai: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After his Blue Power Coin is destroyed by Rito Revolto, Billy travels through the Desert Of Despair to meet with the Great Ninjor who gives him the Blue Ninja Power Coin & the Blue Wolf Ninjazord. As the brains of the team, Billy creates weapons and gadgets to aide in the fight against Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd.


Blue Wolf Ninjazord

Blue Wolf Ninjazord
When Billy is given his ninja powers by Ninjor, he was also given the Blue Wolf Ninjazord to utilize in giant battles. In its base form, the Blue Wolf Ninjazord has super speed and could use its tail to attack its enemies head on. The Blue Wolf Ninjazord also has the ability combine with the other Ninjazords and forms the left arm of the Ninja Megazord.

Blue Shogunzord

Blue Shogunzord
The Shogunzords were originally found by Finster, Squatt, & Baboo to help Rita and Zedd conqueror Earth. Billy was chosen to pilot the Blue Shogunzord to destroy Angel Grove after being blackmailed by Zedd after Kimberly was kidnapped. However, thanks to his reprogramming, the Shogunzords were brought over to their side and were utilized by them. In its base form the Blue Shogunzord uses a shaft in battle and can combine with the other Shogunzord to form the right arm of the Shogun Megazord.


Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the standard weapon for all the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers. They have strong blasting powers and also have the ability to transform into a tiny sword.


 Blue Ninja Ranger

Blue Ninja Ranger
After regaining the ability to morph into the Blue Ranger, Billy also gained the ability to morph into the Blue Ninja Ranger. In this form, Billy can utilize the basic powers of a ninja.

Metallic Armor Blue

Metallic Armor
Billy assumes this form when he needs a heightened boost of power in battle.


Blue Shark Cycle

Blue Shark Cycle
The Blue Shark Cycle was created from a prehistoric shark fin and was used by Billy whenever he needed to get somewhere at a fast pace.

Younger Form


Young Billy
Played By: Justin Timsit
When Master Vile used the Orb of Doom to turn back time, Billy was regressed to this age.