Katherine Hillard, Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger II


Name: Katherine Hillard
Ranger: Mighty Morphin Pink
Actor: Catherine Sutherland
Episodes: 97
First Appearance: “A Ranger Catastrophe: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Passing The Torch: Part 2
Sentai: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Kat is a foreign exchange student from Australia that was brainwashed by Rita Repulsa to act as a spy for her and succeeds in retrieving the Pink Ninja Power Coin & the Falconzord. After the spell she was under begins to fade, she defects to the side of good and takes Kim’s place as the Pink Ranger. Kat is an expert diver but due to an accident, she begins to fear the water until she decides to conqueror her fear in order to persuade Kim to continue doing gymnastics.


White Shogunzord

White Shogunzord
With the Cranezord inoperable, Kat had no choice but to co-pilot the White Shogunzord with Tommy. In its base form the White Shogunzord uses two twin sais in battle and can combine with the other Shogunzord to form the left arm of the Shogun Megazord.

Pink Crane Ninjazord

Pink Crane Ninjazord
When the Falconzord came back in the Power Rangers possession, Kat was able to operate the Pink Crane Ninjazord. In its base form, the Pink Crane Ninjazord has the ability to fly and shoot lasers blasts. The Pink Crane Ninjazord also has the ability combine with the other Ninjazords and forms the head of the Ninja Megazord.


Blade Blaster
The Blade Blaster is the standard weapon for all the Mighty Morphin’ Rangers. They have strong blasting powers and also have the ability to transform into a tiny sword.


Pink Ninja Ranger

Pink Ninja Ranger
After gaining the ability to morph into the Pink Ranger, Kat gained the ability to morph into the Pink Ninja Ranger. In this form, Kat can utilize the basic powers of a ninja.

Metallic Armor Pink

Metallic Armor
Kat assumes this form when she needs a heightened boost of power in battle.


Pink Shark Cycle
The Pink Shark Cycle was created from a prehistoric shark fin and was used by Kat whenever she needed to get somewhere at a fast pace.

Other Forms


While under Rita’s evil influence, Kat was transformed into this cat-monster to battle the Power Rangers.


While under Rita’s evil influence, Kat had the ability to transform into a cat that Aisha & Kim adopted so that she may spy on them.

Young Kat

Young Katherine
Played By: Julia Jordan
When Master Vile used the Orb of Doom to turn back time, Kat was regressed to this age.