Season 3 (1995)



Lord Zedd
Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Lord Zedd alongside his wife Rita still desire to conqueror the planet Earth and nearly succeed in doing so if it weren’t for the Power Rangers gaining new Ninja Powers. Later in the series, when Rita’s father Master Vile arrives at the Moon Palace, he takes the sidelines for a short time until Master Vile returns to his home planet.


Rita Repulsa
Played By: Carla Perez
Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Rita alongside her husband Zedd still desire to conqueror the planet Earth and nearly succeed in doing so if it weren’t for the Power Rangers gaining new Ninja Powers. One of Rita’s most intelligent plans was to brainwash a foreign exchange student named Katherine and uses her to gain knowledge about what the rangers were doing. Thanks to Rita’s ingenious plan, Rita & Zedd were in possession of Ninjor, the Falconzord, and the Pink Power Coin for a short time.


Master Vile
Voiced By: Tom Wyner
Father of Rita and Rito, Master Vile comes to the Moon Palace desiring to obtain the Zeo Crystal. He does so after using his Blue Globber monster to eject the rangers out of their Megazords with the Zeo Crystal in it. With the Zeo Crystal in his possession, Master Vile planned on using the Zeo Crystal to destroy the Earth, even throwing a party for the citizens of Angel Grove in celebration. However, his plans fail and he spends a short time coming up with plans to defeat the Power Rangers. His next major plan was to use the Orb Of Doom to turn back time to when the rangers were helpless children and succeeds. However, he wasn’t prepared for the Alien Rangers to foils his plans. After his plan of sending down numerous monsters to attack the Earth failed, he decides to return to his home planet where evil always wins.

Rito Revolto
Voiced By: Bob Papenbrook
Younger brother of Rita, Rito comes to the Moon Palace to give Rita & Zedd the Tenga Warriors as a wedding present. He does eventually plan a permanent residence in the Moon Palace after he teams ups with a group of four monsters to destroy the rangers zords and their original powers.


Voiced By: Kerrigan Mahan
Goldar continues to serves Rita and Zedd as field commander of their army. He is usually accompanied by Rito whenever a large plan of attack is ordered.


Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Finster serves as primary monster maker for Rita & Zedd’s Army.


Squatt & Baboo
Voiced By: Michael Sorich & Dave Mallow
Squatt & Baboo are shown doing minor tasks for Rita & Zedd in their mission to conqueror Earth.


Hydro Hog
Voiced By: Brad Orchard
Hydro Hog is sent to Earth to fight the Alien Rangers by Lord Zedd due to his ability to drain water. He gives the Alien Rangers a good battle up until he is destroyed by the Shogun MegaFalconzord.

Tenga Warriors

Tenga Warriors
Given to Rita & Zedd as eggs from Rito as a wedding present, the Tenga Warriors serves as the footsoldiers in Rita & Zedd’s Army.

Count Dregon’s Army

Count Dregon

Count Dregon
Played By: Ken Merckx
Count Dregon is the son of King Lexian who went rogue and desires to obtain the Masked Rider Powers. He is also a rival to Lord Zedd.


Played By: Jennifer Tung
Nefaria serves as a general in Count Dregon’s Army.


Voiced By: Michael Sorich
Doubleface serves as a general in Count Dregon’s Army.


Voiced By: Steve Kramer
Cycloptor serves as a general in Count Dregon’s Army.


Voiced By: Michael McConnohie
Gork serves as a general in Count Dregon’s Army.


Voiced By: Julie Maddalena
Fact serves as surveillance and intel officer in Count Dregon’s Army.