Season 4

Played by: David Fielding, Voiced by:  Robert L. Manahan
The wise old wizard of the planet Eltar who was trapped in an inter-dimensional time warp gave the Rangers their powers and serves as their mentor.  After the old Command Center was destroyed, Zordon and Alpha created the new Power Chamber for the new Zeo Rangers.

Alpha 5
Played by: Richard Wood
A fully sentient robotic automaton built on the planet Edenoi by King Lexian. He was the trusty assistant of Zordon and friend to the Power Rangers often  solving technical problems and assisting the Rangers in monstrous problems.
He is best known for his motto, “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!”

 Billy Cranston
Played by: David Yost
Once a Ranger himself, Billy now serves as the technical advisor for the Zeo Rangers taking up his role in the Power Chamber.
Later, he falls in love with an Aquitian named Cestria and leaves Earth with her for Aquitar.

Trey of Triforia
Played by: Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo
Trey of Courage, Trey of Heart, and Trey of Wisdom were the original Gold Zeo Ranger that sped to Earth in Pyramidas escaping a bounty hunter. After an attack left him wounded, he had to pass his powers on to Jason. Later in the series he would take his powers back and leave Earth.

Played by: Actress Unknown
An Aquitian that is a love interest for Billy, She first appeared when Billy began to suffer from accelerated aging, during which time Billy travelled to Aquitar to receive treatment. When he was cured, he chose to remain on Aquitar with Cestria rather than return to Earth.

The Alien Rangers of Aquitar
Played by: David Bacon, Jim Gray, Karim Prince, Alan Palmer, Rajia Baroudi
When both the Machine Empire, Rita & Zedd send a monster to Earth the Rangers need the help of the Aquitar Rangers.

Auric the Conqueror  
Played by: Derek Steven Prince
A conquerer sealed in a tiki form and was given to Jason as keeper.

David Trueheart
Played by: Eric Frank
David is found out to be Tommy’s lost brother.  He was raised by Sam Trueheart and lived on a reservation all his life.
*David Trueheart was played by Jason David Frank’s real brother. 

Eugene “Skull” Skullovtich & Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmeier 
Played by:  Jason Narvy & Paul Schrier
At first this duo was made out to be the punks of Angel Grove High often making trouble for the Rangers. They often get into scheme after scheme attempting to become Junior Policer Officers, they later join Lt. Stone becoming private detectives.

Lt.  Jerome B. Stone
Played by:  Gregg Bullock
Lt. Stone was the trainer at the Angel Grove Junior Police Academy who trained Bulk and Skull. Later he would be dismissed from the Police force where he would pursue his dream of opening a detective agency.

Played by: Richard Genelle
Owner of the Juice Bar and the Angel Grove Youth Center and fan of the Power Rangers.  Ernie was around to lend a helping hand or advice, sadly he left abruptly to volunteer for an emergency in South America.

Played by: Lesley Pederson 
Ernie’s new waitress and a love interest for Jason