IV. Allies


Zeo Logo



Voiced By: Bob Manahan
Zordon is the wise mentor of the Zeo Rangers.

Alpha 5

Alpha 5
Voiced By: Richard Steven Horvitz
Alpha 5 is the robotic assistant of Zordon and The Zeo Rangers.

Billy Cranston

Billy Cranston
Played By: David Yost
After retiring from being a Power Ranger, Billy decided that he would be of better use as a technical adviser to the Zeo Rangers. Billy is shown to create many of the Zeo Rangers weapons and zords that the Zeo Rangers regularly use to defeat monsters sent by The Machine Empire. After a mishap that inevitably causes Billy to start aging at an exponential rate is cured, he decides to stay on Aquitar and settle down with an Aquitian there named Cestria.

Trey of Triforia Gold Zeo Ranger

Trey Of Triforia
Played By: Tom, Tim & Ted DiFillippo
Voiced By: Brad Hawkins
Trey, from the planet Triforia, was the original keeper of the Gold Ranger powers that had to pass them down to Jason after he splits into three different beings. He eventually regains his Gold Ranger powers after it is revealed that Jason cannot handle the Gold Rangers powers anymore.

Auric The Conqueror Auric Tiki Mode

Auric The Conqueror
Voiced By: Derek Stephen Prince
Auric The Conqueror is an ancient warrior found in tiki form by Tanya’s parent who sometimes aids the Zeo Rangers in battle.


Played By: Koichi Sakamoto
Voiced By: Paul St. Peter
Tritor is a warrior from the planet Horath who was transported to Gasket’s Machine Arena to fight his machines. He aides Bulk & Skull in destroying a machine that prevented him from teleporting.


Played By: Rajia Baroudi
Delphine is first seen aiding a wounded Trey. She later accompanies Cestro to Earth to help Billy recover from rapid aging and teams up with the Zeo Rangers when both the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd send down monsters.

Played By: Karim Prince
Cestro comes to Earth to ask for Billy’s help in fighting an invasion of Hydro Contaminator’s on Aquitar. He is later seen aiding a wounded Trey and accompanying Delphine to Earth to help Billy recover from rapidly aging. Cestro also aids the Zeo Rangers in fighting two monsters sent by the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd.

Played By: David Bacon
Aurico comes to Earth to aide the Zeo Rangers when both the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd send down monsters.

Played By: Alan Palmer

Corcus comes to Earth to aide the Zeo Rangers when both the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd send down monsters.

Played By: Jim Gray
Tideus comes to Earth to aide the Zeo Rangers when both the Machine Empire and Rita & Zedd send down monsters.


Cestria travels to Earth to give Billy water from Aquitar’s version of the Fountain Of Youth. After Billy returns to his normal age, he decides to stay on Aquitar to settle down with her.

Angel Grove Residents

Bulk & Skull

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
After Lt. Stone is fired from the Police Force, Bulk & Skull decide to quit the Junior Police Patrol and join Lt. Stone in opening a Detective Agency.

Dt Jerome Stone PRZ

Detective Jerome Stone
Played By: Gregg Bullock
After being fired from the Police Force, Lieutenant Stone decides to open up a Detective Agency and offers Bulk & Skull a job there.


Played By: Richard Genelle
Ernie is the owner and manager of the Angel Grove Youth Center. He also runs a Beach Club on a beach in Angel Grove.


Played By: Royce Herron
Ms.Appleby is the primary teacher of the Zeo Rangers and Bulk & Skull.

Mr. Caplan

Played By: Henry Cannon
Mr.Caplan is the stern Principal of Angel Grove High School.

Ms. Rodriguez

Ms.Rodriguez is a counselor at Angel Grove High School.


Played By: Rio Dekin
Shawn was the first boyfriend of Tanya’s after she moved to Angel Grove. After seeing how bitter the two were when Tanya joined the baseball team, the two decide to break up.


Played By: Darren Press
Raymond is a computer whiz that goes to Angel Grove High School.


Played By: Sarah Brown
Heather is a local snowboarder who had a small romance with Tommy after Kimberly broke up with him.

Sam Trueheart

Sam Trueheart
Played By: Frank Salsedo
Sam Trueheart is the adoptive father of Tommy’s brother David Trueheart.

David Trueheart

David Trueheart
Played By: Eric Frank
David Trueheart is the long lost brother of Tommy Oliver as well as the adoptive son of  Sam Trueheart.


Played By: Lesley Pederson
Emily works as a waitress at Ernie’s Beach Club and is romantically involved with Jason.