The Zeo Sub-Crystals
After a journey through their ancestry, the Rangers each return with a shard of the Zeo Crystal that grant their Zeo Powers.

The Zeonizers
Powered by the Zeo Crystals these devices enable the Rangers to Morph.
In order to activate the Rangers call out “It’s Morphin’ Time” and then their color and order to morph into a Zeo Ranger!

Zeo Laser Pistol/Blade
Each Ranger is equipped with a Laser Pistol that can transform to a Blade

Pink Power Disc
A shield type weapon wielded by the Pink Zeo Ranger, Kat.

Yellow Power Double Clubs
Nunchaku like weapons wielded by the Yellow Zeo Ranger, Tanya.

Blue Power Axes
Axe weapons used simultaneously or as projectile wielded by the Blue Zeo Ranger, Rocky.

Green Power Hatchets
Hatchets used simultaneously wielded by the Green Zeo Ranger, Adam.

Red Power Sword
A powerful blade wielded by the Red Zeo Ranger, Tommy.

Zeo Blaster
When all 5 Zeo Power Weapons combine they create a powerful blaster!

The Golden Power Staff
Wielded by the Gold Ranger and his source of Power. Can shoot fiery attacks.
Used to transfer the Gold Ranger Powers from Trey of Triforia to Jason.

Super Zeo Gems
When activated by the Gold Ranger’s Gold Power Staff, these Gems allow the Zeo Rangers access to the Super Zeo Zords!

Zeo Cannon
A powerful bazooka harnessing the power of 5 Zeo Rangers