IV. Episodes


A Zeo Beginning Part 1

156 :04×01 – A Zeo Beginning (1)

First aired: Apr/20/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Isaac Florentine

The Command Center lies in ruins, the Rangers frantically search the debris for any sign of Alpha or Zordon, they find neither, but stumble on a miracle in the form of the Zeo Crystal. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita’s’ celebrations are cut short by a coup on their lunar palace courtesy of The Machine Empire.

A Zeo Beginning Part 2

157 :04×02 – A Zeo Beginning (2)

First aired: Apr/23/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Isaac Florentine

The teens begin to learn more of the Zeo Crystal powers whilst The Machine Empire prepare for their first strike on Earth, sending a spearhead of Cogs to test the defenses. Meanwhile, Lord Zedd and Rita bargain with Master Vile in hopes of sanctuary.

The Shooting Star

158 :04×03 – The Shooting Star

First aired: Apr/24/1996
Writer: Jackie Marchand
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Tanya’s boyfriend, Shawn, intends to cheat on his exams rather than study to preserve his position as captain of the football team. Meanwhile, King Mondo escalates the scales and unleashes the monstrous Starroid to demolish Angel Grove. The Rangers battle the ferocious, rampaging machine in their new Zeo Zords.

Target Rangers

159 :04×04 – Target Rangers

First aired: Apr/25/1996
Writer: Stewart St. John
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Rocky develops a romantic interest in his study partner as they wok on a new videogame. King Mondo dispatches his Cogs to take the program with the intent on applying it to his new machine, Silo. Rocky faces the wrath of his ice-cold partner as well as the deadly Silo as the Rangers confront it in a junkyard. Meanwhile, Billy begins work on developing new battle helmets for the Zeo Megazord…

For Cryin' Out Loud

160 :04×05 – For Cryin’ Out Loud

First aired: Apr/27/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Robert Radler

Tommy and Katherine are given the responsibility of looking after a baby for a day, a youngster named Joey, whose persistent crying causes havoc when it is magnified ten fold by the Machine Empire’s latest product, Boohoo The Clown.

Rangers In The Outfield

161 :04×06 – Rangers in the Outfield

First aired: Apr/29/1996
Writer: Brett D. Born
Director: Robert Radler

Tanya’s egotistical baseball boyfriend Shawn, leader of the School Baseball team, rears his head again when he begins to resent Tanya’s superb ability at pitching the Ball, which soon leads to her being signed to his team. King Mondo unleashes the People Pitcher Monster.

Every Dog Has His Day

162 :04×07 – Every Dog Has His Day

First aired: Apr/30/1996
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier
Director: Robert Radler

A talented police tracking dog called Smokey is looked after by Katherine, but Smokey’s instincts lead both of them to uncover a meticulous drilling operation conducted by Machine Empire lackeys under the command of the Digster robot. Injured in a fall, Katherine is unable to morph and dispatches Smokey to find the other Rangers before Digster’s operation unleashes a river of molten lava on the city.

The Puppet Blaster

163 :04×08 – The Puppet Blaster

First aired: May/01/1996
Writer: Stewart St. John
Director: Isaac Florentine

King Mondo corrupts Puppetman, a machine that entertains children, and has him hypnotize the children of Angel Grove.

Invasion Of The Ranger Snatchers

164 :04×09 – Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers

First aired: May/02/1996
Writer: Gilles Wheeler
Director: Isaac Florentine

Whilst serving as movie extras in the filming of a new theatrical science fiction adventure, the Rangers find their lives on the verge of a permanent cut when Prince Sprocket intends to use them in his newest production. Trapped in a dimension where their fates follow the movie script, the Rangers must go against type in order to get out of their reluctant “contracts” before there left on the cutting room floor.

Graduation Blues

165 :04×10 – Graduation Blues

First aired: May/04/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Isaac Florentine

Billy is left with new choices in life due to a very early graduation, Bulk and Skull bear witness to the arrival of a spacecraft, from which emerges the Blue Aquitian Ranger. His people now at war with a race called the Hydro-Contaminators, he has come to Earth to seek Billy’s’ aid.

A Few Bad Seeds

166 :04×11 – A Few Bad Seeds

First aired: May/06/1996
Writer: Richard Goodman
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Rocky’s new botany experiment creates a plant that can consume metal. When Skull steals part of his creation in an attempt to bring his own work up to speed, both are transformed into monstrous Pollinator monsters by King Mondo, whose mark leaves on Rocky, mutating him into a living Greenhouse display.

Instrument Of Destruction

167 :04×12 – Instrument of Destruction

First aired: May/07/1996
Writer: Charlotte FullertonSteven Melching
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

King Mondo schemes to capture a mysterious Piano Player who keeps to the shadows at Angel Grove High, and plays the piano from music class after hours. Mondo intends to force him to play for Queen Machina’s impending birthday. A curious Adam is also interested in solving the mystery of the piano player’s identity, and stumbles onto Mondo’s plot.

Mean Screen

168 :04×13 – Mean Screen

First aired: May/08/1996
Writer: Ron MilbauerTerri Hughes Burton
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

The Rangers rely on fellow classmate Raymond to aid them in preventing King Mondo’s attempts to hack into every major computer network in the entire city with the aid of the monstrous computer Mean Screen.

Mr.Billy's Wild Ride

169 :04×14 – Mr. Billy’s Wild Ride

First aired: May/11/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Douglas Sloan

Returning home after settling his affairs on Aquitar, Billy’s’ ship is knocked off its’ trajectory by King Mondo, leaving Billy trapped and spiraling towards the machine sky base, the Rangers battle the Machine Empire for control of a component necessary to power a magnetic beam that will retrieve Billy before he falls into Mondos’ clutches,

There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 1

170 :04×15 – There’s No Business Like Snow Business (1)

First aired: May/13/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Douglas Sloan

Reeling from a heartbreaking letter from Kimberly, the Rangers take a distraught Tommy to a Ski lodge retreat, where he meets Snowboarding champ Heather Thompson, whose life he also saves.

Back in Angel Grove, Mondo deploys Robocupid to Angel Grove, where her devious powers create genuine feelings in humans for machines.

There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 2

171 :04×16 – There’s No Business Like Snow Business (2)

First aired: May/14/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Douglas Sloan

Tommy and Heather become more than fond of one another as the Rangers Ski lodge break continues, and they arrange more social outings. But with Robocupid on the loose, Tommy is called to deal with her threat, and Mondo isn’t finished disrupting his social life as he is quick to deploy another creation, Defoliator.

There's No Business Like Snow Business Part 3

172 :04×17 – There’s No Business Like Snow Business (3)

First aired: May/15/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Douglas Sloan

The Rangers battle Defoliator in Angel Grove and cease his rampage temporarily, but he proves to be made of sterner steel. Katherine decides to help out Tommy with his difficult interactions with Heather and arranges a dinner date for the two, but the threat of Defoliator ultimately comes between the two, and this time Heather has had enough. Will Tommy ever recover from his romantic problems?

Inner Spirit

173 :04×18 – Inner Spirit (1)

First aired: May/16/1996
Writer: Mark LittonMark Hoffmeier
Director: Robert Radler

Tommy begins having nightmares connected to his encounter with Native American True Of Heart during the Zeo Sub-Crystal Quest, as the Red Zeo Ranger tries to make sense of the nightmares, he encounters Sam Trueheart, who looks strangely familiar to him…

Meanwhile, the Machine Empire use the Main Drain monster to deal a lethal blow to the Zeo Megazord, forcing the emotionally distraught Tommy to pull himself together if he is to pilot the mentally dependent Red Battlezord.


174 :04×19 – Challenges (2)

First aired: May/18/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Robert Radler

Tommy, seeking answers from Sam Trueheart, returns to the mountains outside Angel Grove, but the Ranger’s leader soon finds himself on a vision quest, and driven towards a mysterious young stranger who is connected heavily to his past.

Meanwhile, The Machine Empire attack the other Rangers and transform Adam into a prize Boxing trophy, to be given to the winner of a battle between the Red Battlezord and the Punch-A-Bunch monster, Tommy must choose between abandoning his quest, or allow Adam to become a prisoner.

Found And Lost

175 :04×20 – Found and Lost (3)

First aired: May/20/1996
Writer: Mark LittonStewart St. John
Director: Robert Radler

Tommy discovers the truth about Sam Trueheart’s young son David, and together they complete a mystical Arrowhead they each own a part of , David explains that the Arrow contains great powers, and cannot fall into the hands of the forces of evil, which Mondo happens to soon learn, and makes preparations to take it, even if it means capturing David to do so.

Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead

176 :04×21 – Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead? (4)

First aired: Sep/09/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Terrence H. Winkless

Tommy tracks down David, held captive in a mysterious cave, but is confronted by King Mondo, who demands the Arrowhead be given to him before he releases Tommy’s brother, Tommy agrees, but Mondo double crosses him.

The Zeo Rangers succeed in their attempt to combine the restored Zeo Meagzord and the Red Battlezord together successfully, and form a new weapon, whilst David discovers more than he could possibly imagine, not only with the true nature of the monstrous illustrations coming to life in the cave, but also his brother’s secret.

Trust In Me

177 :04×22 – Trust in Me

First aired: Sep/10/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Terrence H. Winkless

Rocky attempts to befriend a stubborn blind Karate expert named Penny who believes every advance to be one of pity than comradeship. The Machine Empire deploy a pretentious defector monster to Earth who befriends Rocky, unaware of his true intentions to lure him into a devastating trap.

It Came From Angel Grove

178 :04×23 – It Came from Angel Grove

First aired: Sep/11/1996
Writer: Joseph Kuhr
Director: Robert Radler

Adam experiences a nightmarish scenario as he falls asleep watching monster movies. The Machine Empire has invaded Earth overnight and transformed many of Adam’s friends into sinister scientists, werewolves, and satanic forces. Adam’s journey takes him to Zordon, but even he has an unusual and perplexing task awaiting the Green Ranger.

Bulk Fiction

179 :04×24 – Bulk Fiction

First aired: Sep/12/1996
Writer: Jackie Marchand
Director: Terrence H. Winkless

Bulk’s infatuation with the daughter of a high ranking officer soon puts both his, Skull’s, and Lt. Stone’s careers in jeopardy.

Song Sung Yellow

180 :04×25 – Song Sung Yellow

First aired: Sep/13/1996
Writer: Steven MelchingCharlotte Fullerton
Director: Robert Radler

Tanya’s potential new singing career divides her time between fulfilling an ambition and serving as a Ranger.

Game Of Honor

181 :04×26 – Game of Honor

First aired: Sep/16/1996
Writer: Brett D. Born
Director: Robert Radler

Tanya’s ex-boyfriend, the egotistical and brash Sean, is at it again, this time preparing to challenge friend Adam in a major martial arts exhibition fight. But the martial artist has in his possession a trump card in the form of a Machine Empire cloaking device he has stumbled on, one of many cogs being dispersed in the forests to conceal their armies from detection.

The Power Of Gold

182 :04×27 – The Power of Gold

First aired: Sep/17/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Robert Radler

Wolfbane and a squadron of relentless Cogs leave the Rangers exhausted and divided and distracted. Meanwhile, a mysterious Pyramid is detected arriving within our galaxy, but it’s origins are unknown. The path is set for the arrival of a new ally with the power to tip the balance of good against evil, the mysterious Gold Ranger.

A Small Problem

183 :04×28 – A Small Problem

First aired: Sep/19/1996
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Prince Sprocket traps Tommy and Katherine in the middle of the desert outside Angel Grove and shrinks them down to the size of ants to face a gruesome tarantula. Sprocket then unleashes the latest mechanical antagonist, Tarantabot, to face the remaining Rangers. Can The Gold Ranger save the two pint-sized Rangers before they are consumed?

Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise

184 :04×29 – Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise

First aired: Sep/20/1996
Writer: Gilles Wheeler
Director: Robert Radler

Whilst out surfing, the Rangers discover ta vast amount of toxic waste is heading towards the waters. Working behind the scenes of this is the Ranger’s old enemy Leaky Faucet, who is tapped to spoil the splendor of the oceans with cog oil.

Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers

185 :04×30 – Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers

First aired: Sep/23/1996
Writer: Rafael Antonio OliverBarbara A. Oliver
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

After attacking the rangers with Cogs nonstop for two weeks to make them exhausted, King Mondo sends Somnibot to Earth, and she begins putting everyone to sleep.

Do I Know You

186 :04×31 – Do I Know You?

First aired: Sep/27/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

The Gold Ranger’s identity continues to plague the Rangers, and they resolve to find a way of deducing it. Bulk and Skull investigate the prescience of the mysterious Ranger himself when he disrupts areas of Angel Grove, and a nefarious bounty hunter race known as The Vorax are also on his trail, with one of their own dangerously close to eliminating his quarry.

Revelations Of Gold

187 :04×32 – Revelations of Gold (1)

First aired: Oct/03/1996
Writer: Shuki LevyShell Danielson
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

The Gold Ranger comes under fire from the Vorax Bounty Hunters, who succeed in shooting down Pyramidas after a long pursuit into space. Crash landing on Aquitar, his powers become unstable as his health fails him and his identity is revealed as Trey, the Lord of Triforia.

To save his life, the Aquitians send Trey to Earth, but King Mondo intercepts Trey’s arrival at a beach, and engages in conflict with the Zeo Rangers.

A Golden Homecoming

188 :04×33 – A Golden Homecoming (2)

First aired: Oct/04/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Trey, having split himself into three versions of himself to begin the slow process of regaining his full health, an heir to the Golden Powers must be chosen. Tommy and his choice to take on the responsibilities endure a devastating Cog Flyer ambush in the desert before transporting to the Power Chamber and revealing the successor to the surprised Rangers.

Meanwhile, as an old Ranger prepares to be reborn using the Golden Powers, King Mondo begins arming a legion of his forces with a new armor, impervious to harm from the Ranger’s present Zords.

Mondo's Last Stand

189 :04×34 – Mondo’s Last Stand

First aired: Oct/09/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Robert Radler

Rocky begins to feel as if he’s no longer needed with Jason, the Ranger he succeeded, is now back with the team. King Mondo takes possession of the powerful Damacleas sword that grants him incredible strength and uses it to begin an attack on Angel Grove. Rocky, eager to prove himself, battles the Machine King solo, refusing to call on the other Rangers for help.

Bomber In The Summer

190 :04×35 – Bomber in the Summer

First aired: Oct/11/1996
Writer: Stewart St. John
Director: Robert Radler

Ernie opens up a new bar opposite the beach, but it’s soon ransacked by wild, mischievous bikers, one of whom, a female, Jason becomes smitten with.

Meanwhile, the returning Rita and Lord Zedd reunite with Rito and Goldar, putting together the final stages of their grand scheme to retake the Lunar Palace and destroy the Machine Empire from within using their “wolf in the fold” Louie Kaboom, but Kaboom has ambitions of his own.

Scent Of A Weasel

191 :04×36 – Scent of a Weasel

First aired: Oct/23/1996
Writer: Brett D. Born
Director: Douglas Sloan

A mishap caused by a bungling Skull inspires Louie Kaboom to create a machine that will disperse a stench so overwhelming, the Rangers will not be able to overcome it in battle. Billy receives a message from Trey of Triforia and his separated halves that great danger is on it’s way, and he has provided the Rangers with a new weapon to counter the threats.

The Lore Of Auric

192 :04×37 – The Lore of Auric

First aired: Oct/25/1996
Writer: Jackie Marchand
Director: Douglas Sloan

After Louie Kaboom locates the Lost Tiki of Auric, Aisha sends Tanya the key to the tiki and a map to Mysterio Island. Since her parents’ plane went down near that island while searching for the tiki, Tanya convinces Zordon to send her there. The key is entrusted to Jason, but it is stolen. Prince Sprocket then summons Auric and convinces him that the Power Rangers are evil!

The Ranger Who Came In From The Gold

193 :04×38 – The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold

First aired: Oct/31/1996
Writer: Mark Hoffmeier
Director: Douglas Sloan

Bulk and Skull stumble on the Midas Hound, a machine creature which can turn everything it touches to gold, including living people.

The Joke's On Blue

194 :04×39 – The Joke’s on Blue

First aired: Nov/05/1996
Writer: Jim SuaveColleen White
Director: Isaac Florentine

Bulk and Skull compete with rival Detectives to corral a notorious practical Joker who is wreaking havoc on Angel Grove. Louie Kaboom’s grip on the Machine Empire is threatened when Mondo’s estranged elder son Prince Gasket and his wife Archerina return.

Putting Kaboom under their control, they order him to attack the Rangers and the City.

Where In The World Is Zeo Ranger 5

195 :04×40 – Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5?

First aired: Nov/06/1996
Writer: Stewart St. John
Director: Isaac Florentine

Prince Gasket brags to Sprocket of a new scheme to destroy and divide the Rangers, first he captures Tommy as he cruises the waves of Angle Grove Lake, then he sends Cruel Chrome to finish the Rangers off, even if Jason can rise to the occasion and lead the team to victory, will Tommy’s fate be resolved?

King For A Day Part 1

196 :04×41 – King for a Day (1)

First aired: Nov/07/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Koichi SakamotoIsaac Florentine

Tommy is successfully manipulated through a mind-altering device and is slowly convinced by Prince Gasket he is the leader of the Machine Empire, sworn to defend truth and justice against the forces of the insidious Power Rangers.

Meanwhile, attempting to track Tommy’s location, the Rangers use a reported sighting by Bulk and Skull and return to the beach, where Jason is the next to fall into Gasket’s evil trap and finds himself in an arena of monsters, forced to fight a creature provided with Tommy’s strengths, whilst the new King of the Empire watches on hoping to see Jason fall.

King For A Day Part 2

197 :04×42 – King for a Day (2)

First aired: Nov/08/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Isaac FlorentineKoichi Sakamoto

Tommy decides to finish Jason off himself and confronts him in the Machine Arena, Bulk and Skull find themselves transported to the Arena and assist in a prisoner’s escape, the Rangers finally trace Jason and arrive to aid him, can Tommy be saved?

A Brief Mystery In Time

198 :04×43 – A Brief Mystery of Time

First aired: Nov/11/1996
Writer: Charlotte FullertonSteven Melching
Director: Robert Radler

The Rangers become trapped in a dangerous game of “cause and effect” thanks to a time paradox created by Prince Gasket, but the temporal energies also ensnares the Machine Empire’s forces.

A Mystery To Me

199 :04×44 – A Mystery to Me

First aired: Nov/14/1996
Writer: Jackie Marchand
Director: Robert Radler

Prince Sprocket traps the Rangers one by one as they play a game of “Whodunnit” , meaking any other suspsicious activity meaningless in the light of tghwe game’s nature. Katherine is ultimatly left fledt alone to contend with Archerina in the forest.

Another Song And Dance

200 :04×45 – Another Song and Dance

First aired: Nov/15/1996
Writer: Brett D. Born
Director: Robert Radler

Queen Machina alters the frequency of Tommy and Tanya’s vocal chords, preventing them from speaking in any form but in a musical overture. This proves to be a hindrance to the Rangers as they battle an all out Cog Fighter invasion.

Ranger Of Two Worlds Part 1

201 :04×46 – Rangers of Two Worlds (1)

First aired: Nov/20/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Larry Kent Litton

Billy is faced with a devastating problem, thanks to a consequence of using the aging amplifier, he finds himself constantly aging. As the Rangers attempt to remedy the problem with the aid of the Aquitian Rangers, Lord Zedd and Rita inadvertently create a monster out of Katherine’s purse, the Impursonator, which proves to be a surprising and powerful obstruction for the Rangers, repelling their most powerful defenses and forcing them to retreat.

Not one to be upstaged, the returning King Mondo unleashes the Cog-Changer, who successfully plants a cog gear on the Zeo Megazord that enables Mondo to take complete control of it.

Rangers Of Two Worlds Part 2

202 :04×47 – Rangers of Two Worlds (2)

First aired: Nov/21/1996
Writer: Mark Litton
Director: Larry Kent Litton

The Zeo Rangers use the Super Zeo Megazord to halt the advance of the maverick, out of control Zeo Megazord. Billy’s aging problem continues to spread out of control, and he is forced to depart for Aquitar to receive medical treatment. The arrival of the remaining Aquitian Rangers sets the stage for both Ranger groups joining forces against an army of Cogs.

Meanwhile Rita and Lord Zedd recover the Impursonator from it’s exile in space and returns it to Earth to fight alongside Cog-Changer, when the two monsters merge with one another, the Rangers face a grave challenge, can they be stopped, and more importantly, can Billy be restored to his youthful state?

Hawaii Zeo

203 :04×48 – Hawaii Zeo

First aired: Nov/22/1996
Writer: Al Winchell
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Prince Gasket and Archerina are manipulated by Prince Sprocket into attacking the Zeo Rangers as giants.

Good As Gold

204 :04×49 – Good as Gold

First aired: Nov/23/1996
Writer: Douglas Sloan
Director: Vickie Bronaugh

Jason becomes the target of The Machine Empire, and Rita and Lord Zedd, his Golden Powers frequently abandoning him and threatening his life as he weakens.

Zordon realizes the only way to save Jason is to merge Trey once more with his other halves, a process which requires a difficult energy transfer using two planets. The Rangers must also ensure the Machine Empire does not get to Jason or Trey in their present condition and seize the Golden Powers.

A Season To Remember

205 :04×50 – A Season to Remember

First aired: Nov/27/1996
Writer: Jackie Marchand
Director: Robert Radler

An elderly Tommy narrates to his Grandchildren the story of how the Machine Empire once made Angel Grove, and the teens, intolerant of one anther’s religious beliefs at the festive season.