IV. Locations


Zeo Logo

Angel Grove

Power Chamber Power Chamber (Zeo) Interior

Power Chamber
The Command Center is rebuilt as the Power Chamber after it is blown up by an implosion device set by Goldar & Rito. The Power Chamber serves as the headquarters of the Zeo Rangers.

Zeo Zord Holding Bay Zeo Zord Holding Bay Interior

Zeo Zord Holding Bay
Located in an unknown mountain range, the Zeo Zord Holding Bay is the holding area for all the Zeo Rangers Zords.

Angel Grove Youth Center Angel Grove Youth Center Interior

Angel Grove Youth Center
The Youth Center is the local hangout of the Zeo Rangers equipped with a juice bar and an area for the Zeo Rangers to practice their unique talents.

Angel Grove High School Angel Grove High School Interior

Angel Grove High School
Angel Grove High School is the school attended by the Zeo Rangers.

Stone Detective Agency Stone Detective Agency Interior

Stone Detective Agency
Jerome Stone opens up this Detective Agency with Bulk & Skull after he is fired from Angel Grove’s Police Force.

Ernie's Beach Club Ernie's Beach Club Interior

Ernie’s Beach Club
Ernie opened up a beach club on Angel Grove Lake during the second half of Zeo that was regularly frequented by the Zeo Rangers.


Aquitar Aquitar Ranger Base

Aquitar is the home planet of the Aquitian Rangers.


Triforia is the home planet of Trey, the original Gold Ranger.


Machine Palace Machine Moon Palace Interior

Machine Palace
The Machine Palace serves as the Machine Empire’s base of operations as well as the location where Cog and Quadrafighters are built.

Rita And Zedd's RV Rita & Zedd's RV

Rita & Zedd’s RV
The RV served as Rita & Zedd’s base of operations when they returned to the Moon in the second half of Zeo.

Gasket's Balcony Gasket's Machine Arena

Gasket’s Machine Arena
Gasket used this arena to test out his powered up monsters with abducted warriors from around the universe.