Jason Lee Scott, Gold Zeo Ranger

Zeo Gold

Name: Jason Lee Scott
Ranger: Gold Zeo Ranger
Actor: Austin St. John
Episodes: 106
First Appearance: “Day Of The Dumpster″
Last Appearance: “Forever Red”
Sentai: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

Jason is chosen to become the Gold Zeo Ranger after the original Gold Zeo Ranger is unable to use his powers. Jason teaches martial arts class at the local Youth Center and competes in local martial arts tournaments. Shortly after returning to Angel Grove, Jason develops a relationship with a girl named Emily. After his Gold Ranger powers begin to weaken, Jason decides to return the Gold Ranger powers to Trey Of Triforia.


Pyramidas Zeo Ultrazord

When Jason got the Gold Ranger powers, he also got control of Pyramidas. Pyramidas could shoot a strong blast of power from its tip and could also combine with the other Zeo Rangers Zords to form different Ultrazord forms.

Warrior Wheel

Warrior Wheel
Trey of Triforia sends Jason the Warrior Wheel so that he may have a mobile zord. Warrior Wheel has super speed and can transform into a wheel that the Super Zeo Megazord can throw at its opponents.


Golden Power Staff

Golden Power Staff
The Golden Power Staff is the weapon and power source of the Gold Zeo Ranger.