Rocky DeSantos, Blue Zeo Ranger

Zeo Blue

Name: Rocky DeSantos
Ranger: Zeo Ranger 3 Blue
Actor: Steve Cardenas
Episodes: 126
First Appearance: “The Ninja Encounter: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Shift Into Turbo: Part 2″
Sentai: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After retrieving his Zeo Subcrystal from a volcano in Mexico, Rocky becomes Zeo Ranger III Blue. Rocky teaches martial arts class at the local Youth Center and competes in local martial arts tournaments.


[Tokuraws]_Choriki_Sentai_Ohranger_06[DVD][AFD799E3] (2)

Zeozord III
Zeozord III, along with the other Zeozords, was created by Billy and Alpha to combat the forces of the Machine Empire. In its base form, Zeozord III has the ferocity of the Sphinx and can crush Quadrafighters with its teeth. Zeozord III has the power to combine with the other Zeozords to form the torso of the Zeo Megazord.

Super Zeozord III

Super Zeozord III
Super Zeozord III is given to Rocky by Trey of Triforia after he gave the Gold Ranger powers to Jason. While in basic form, Super Zeozord III uses Power Axes similar to Rocky’s and can jump high into the air and use its laser pistol to blast at oncoming opponents. Super Zeozord III has the power to combine with the other Super Zeozords to form the Super Zeo Megazord.


Zeo Power Axes

Zeo Power Axes
The Zeo Power Axes are the primary weapons of the Blue Zeo Ranger. The Zeo Power Power Axes can combine with the other Zeo Rangers weapons to form the Zeo Blaster.

Zeo Spinning Power Punch

Zeo Spinning Power Punch
Rocky is able to perform this attack while spinning in the air.

Zeo Laser Pistol

Zeo Laser Pistol
The Zeo Laser Pistol is the standard weapon for all the Zeo Rangers.


Zeo III Jet Cycle

Zeo III Jet Cycle
The Zeo III Jet Cycle is the primary form of transportation for the Blue Zeo Ranger.