Tanya Sloan, Yellow Zeo Ranger

Zeo Yellow

Name: Tanya Sloan
Ranger: Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow
Actor: Nakia Burrise
Episodes: 71
First Appearance: “Hogday Afternoon: Part 1″
Last Appearance: “Passing The Torch: Part 2”
Sentai: Chouriki Sentai Ohranger
Producer: Saban


Character Bio

After Aisha passes on her Zeo Subcrystal to Tanya after she decides to stay in Africa, Tanya becomes Zeo Ranger II Yellow. Not soon after enrolling at Angel Grove High School, Tanya begins a relationship with a boy named Shawn which shortly dissolves after learning how incompatible they were. Tanya is a skilled singer and is shown performing at the Youth Center.


Zeozord II

Zeozord II
Zeozord II is a dogu-like zord created by Billy & Alpha 5 and is piloted by the Yellow Zeo Ranger.

Super Zeozord II
Super Zeozord II is a yellow oblong shaped humanoid-like zord given to the Yellow Zeo Ranger by Trey Of Triforia.


Zeo Power Double Clubs

Zeo Power Double Clubs
The Zeo Power Double Clubs are the personal nunchakus-like weapons of the Yellow Zeo Ranger.

Zeo II Power Kick

Zeo II Power Kick
Tanya is able to perform this attack while kicking multiple times.

Zeo Laser Pistol

Zeo Laser Pistol
The Zeo Laser Pistol is the standard sidearm for each Zeo Ranger.

Zeo Laser Blade
The Zeo Laser Blade is the standard melee weapon for each Zeo Ranger.


Zeo II Jet Cycle

Zeo II Jet Cycle
The Zeo II Jet Cycle is the primary form of transportation for the Yellow Zeo Ranger.