Season 4 (1996)

Machine Empire

King Mondo
Voiced By: David Stenstrom
King of the Machine Empire, Mondo desires to stripe the Earth of its resources to use for his robotic army. Mondo spends most of the series on the sidelines until the introduction of the Super Zeo Zords where he decides to take on the rangers on his own by using the Sword Of Damocles to accomplish his goal. However, the sword wasn’t strong enough to take on the Super Zeo Megazord and is destroyed for a short time. However, he is soon rebuilt and destroyed again by Rita and Zedd by a bomb disguised as a peace offering.


Queen Machina
Voiced By: Alex Borstein
Queen of the Machine Empire, Machina is shown to be a caring mother and supportive wife.

Prince Sprocket

Prince Sprocket
Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Prince of the Machine Empire, Sprocket is shown to be a eager and energetic prince who desires to please his father by coming up with plans to defeat the Zeo Rangers.


Klank and Orbus
Voiced By: Oliver Page and Barbara Goodson
Klank and Orbus serve the Machine Empire as servants of whoever is in charge of the Machine Empire at the moment. They are the given the task in making the monsters of the Machine Empire grow to giant size.


Louie Kaboom
Voiced By: Lex Lang
Created by Rita and Zedd to take over the Machine Empire from the inside, Louie succeeds in taking over the Machine Empire. However, he goes rogue after Rito and Goldar loses his remote controller. Louie continues to rule the Machine Empire as king until Prince Gasket and Archerina arrive on the moon to reclaim it. He is transformed into a mindless slave by Archerina and is sent down to Earth to destroy the Power Rangers but is destroyed himself by the Super Zeo Megazord.


Prince Gasket
Voiced By: Douglas Sloan
Eldest Prince of the Machine Empire, Gasket left the Machine Empire up until Mondo’s defeat due to his marriage to Archerina who was the daughter of King Mondo’s arch nemesis King Aradon. He returns to reclaim the Machine Empire from Louie Kaboom and rules it for a short time until Mondo is rebuilt and he alongside Archerina teleport away, never to be seen again.


Voiced By: Melora Harte
Daughter of King Mondo’s arch nemesis King Aradon, Archerina comes to Machina’s aide to reclaim the Machine Empire from Louie Kaboom by shooting him with one of her love arrow and turning him into her mindless slave. She rules the Machine Empire for a short time alongside her husband until Mondo is rebuilt and she alongside Gasket teleport away, never to be seen again.


The Cogs serve as footsoldiers of the Machine Empire.

The Quadrafighters serve as both the land and sky assault vehicles of the Machine Empire.

Rita and Zedd

Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd
Played By: Carla Perez Voiced By: Barbara Goodson
Voiced By: Robert Alexrod
Rita and Zedd return to the moon later in the series after they escape the moon after being thrown off of it by the Machine Empire. They constantly come up with plans on how to regain their once powerful empire. They somewhat succeed in their plans in the finale when they pretend to leave the moon and give the Machine Empire a bomb disguised as a peace offering and claiming that they were back.


Voiced By: Robert Axelrod
Finster continues to serve Rita and Zedd by coming up with plans for them to regain their once powerful empire.


Rito and Goldar
Voiced By: Bob Papenbrook and Kerrigan Mahan
After regaining their memories, Rito and Goldar aide Rita and Zedd as they attempt to regain their once powerful empire.


Tenga Warriors
The Tenga Warriors continue to serve as Rita and Zedd’s footsoldiers.