Season 4 (1996)

The Machine Empire
A diabolical Machine powered reign of terror descended from Space and scared Rita and Zedd right out of their own Palace!

King Mondo
Voiced by: David Stenstrom
The Machine King became bored with overtaking planets so easily, he thought he would take on a challenge that Rita and Zedd could not accomplish. However, his ego and the Sword of Damocles took control of him and he was soon defeated at the hands of the Rangers. Later, he was rebuilt and took an even more wicked assault on his foes.

Queen Machina
Voiced by: Alex Borstein
The Queen of the Machine Empire, stands at her husbands side and is always his biggest cheerleader.
She is mother to both Sprocket and Gasket.

Prince Sprocket
Voiced by: Barbara Goodson 
Prince of the Machine Empire and eager student of his father. Sprocket has many times led his own assault on the Rangers and began to take more of a lead after his father was defeated by the Rangers.  He is the second and youngest son of King Mondo and Queen Machina.

Klank & Orbus
Voiced by: Oliver Page & Barbara Goodson
Henchmen of King Mondo who go to Earth in order to survey the Royal House of Gadgetry’s latest campaign.
They also make it possible for the current Robotic Monster to grow Megazord size!

The Cogs
Robotic foot-soldiers sent down to Earth to take the fight out of the Rangers. They can only be defeated by short-circuiting for dismemberment.
They come in silver or red and carry an electrical charged spear.

Prince Gasket
Voiced by: Douglas Sloan
When King Mondo had been defeated using the Sword of Damacles, his eldest son made an appearance.  He had gone away due to the fact that he married the daughter of King Mondo’s arch-nemesis.

Voiced by: Melora Harte
She is the fiance of Prince Gasket and is the daughter of King Aradon, King Mondo’s arch-nemesis. She is quite good with a bow and uses it to annoy the Pink Ranger at length due to her jealousy.

Rita & Zedd
Voiced by: Barbara Goodson & Robert Axelrod
After being scared from the palace on the Moon, Rita and Zedd have been forced to roam the moon in their RV; with all their minions in tow.
They come up with a plan to send Louie Kaboom to destroy the Machine Empire, but it goes terribly wrong.

Louie Kaboom
Voiced by: Lex Lang
After King Mondo was gone from the Palace, Rita and Zedd saw this as a perfect time to send a Monster of their own to take over the Machine Empire. Although, Louie had plans of his own to take over the Machine Empire and woo Queen Machina and went rogue. Louie proclaims himself Empereor, but when Prince Gasket and Archerina arrive they trick Louie into attacking the Rangers!

Rito & Goldar
After they placed the explosives under the command center and idiotically stole and lost the Zeo Crystal. Rito and Goldar lose their memory and end up the maids of Bulk and Skull.