The Chrono Morphers
Each Morpher was created in the year 3000 and is locked onto each Rangers’ DNA.
Each transform with the call “Time For…Time Force!”
The Morpher also functions as a holographic communicator.

The Quantum Morpher
This Morpher was used by Eric to become the Quantum Ranger. It only responds to his voice commands.

The Time Force Badge
Used as a form of ID for each Ranger, but also served the purpose of cryogenically freezing Mutants.

The Chrono Blasters
Standard issue for anyone in Time Force, fires Ranger colored lasers when fired.

Visual Scanners
Color Specific trackers used by each Ranger. It is possible for them to track DNA.

The Vector Weapons
Each Ranger has a massive weapon acting like Blasters that shoot large bolts of energy.

The Vortex Blaster
The Vector weapons combine to create this blaster. It fires massive energy bolts that can finish a Mutant in two shots!

The Chrono Sabers
When held in the 3:00 Position the Rangers use these double ended sabers deliver powerful energy attacks.

Electro Booster
Created by Trip, this weapon combines with the Chrono Sabers and creates a powerful attack.

The Quantum Defender
This is the weapon used by the Quantum Ranger, it has two modes Blaster & Blade.
The Blade mode is used to freeze Mutants.

Quantum Mega Battle Armor
Mega Battle Armor used by the Quantum Ranger through calling for power from the Q-Rex.

The Red Battle Warrior Armor
Battlizer used by the Red Ranger found after he showed his “true of heart” to open a box guarded by a Dragon.

The Vector Cycles
Vehicles created by the Green Ranger, Trip. Built to assist the Rangers off and on road.
Each Ranger has their own corresponding cycle.

The Time Jet
This jet is used to carry the Rangers to their Time Fliers. It can also transform into a massive handgun.

The Strata Cycle
Alex gifted this cycle to Wes which became a strong hovercraft with V-Weapon like lasers.

The TF Eagle
The Personal vehicle of the Quantum Ranger with the ability to fly and travel through time.