IX. Locations


Time Force Logo

Clock Tower

Clock Tower Clock Tower Interior

Clock Tower
The Clock Tower serves as the Time Force Rangers base of operations for the Time Force Rangers.

Nick Of Time Odd Jobs Entrance Nick Of Time Odd Jobs

Nick Of Time Odd Jobs
Located on the ground floor of the Clock Tower, Nick Of Time Odd Jobs is the central hub the Time Force Rangers use to acquire odd jobs.

Silver Hills

Bio-Lab Bio Labs Interior

Bio-Lab is the multi-million dollar business under the ownership of Mr.Collins.

Mr.Collins Mansion Collins Estate Interior

Collins Estate
The Collins Estate is the home of Mr.Collins.

Millennium City

Time Force HQ Time Force HQ Interior

Time Force HQ
Time Force HQ is the headquarters of the Time Force Police.

Time Portal Time Portal Strip

Time Portal
Time Force Officers use this time portal to travel to different moments in time.

Cryo Prison

Cryo Prison Cryo Prison Interior

Cryo Prison
Originally a prison for mutants captured by Time Force, Ransik commandeered the Cryo Prison for his base of operations in his conquest of Earth in the Year 2001.

Frax's Private Quarters Desk Frax's Private Quarters

Frax’s Private Quarters
Frax has his own room in the Cryo Prison that he uses to come up with plans without Ransik knowing about it.