Katie Walker, Yellow Time Force Ranger


Name: Katie Walker
Ranger: Yellow Time Force Ranger
Actor: Deborah Estelle Phillips
Episodes: 42
First Appearance: “Force From The Future: Part 1″
Last Appearance:Reinforcements From The Future: Part 2
Sentai: Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Producer: Saban

Katie Walker

Character Bio

Katie was a part of a team from Time Force that was in charge of transporting Ransik to the Cryo Prison in order to get cryogenically frozen. However, they are ambushed and Ransik escapes to present day. To make up for her mistakes, Katie steals the Chrono Morphers and a Time Ship and becomes the Yellow Time Force Ranger. Katie has super strength due to advanced genetic engineering in the future.


Time Flyer 4

Time Flyer 4
Time Flyer 4 is the personal zord of the Yellow Time Force Ranger. Time Flyer 4 has the ability to combine with the other Time Flyers to form the left arm of the Time Force Megazord Mode Red and the left leg of the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue.


Yellow Chrono Sabers

Yellow Chrono Sabers
The Yellow Chrono Sabers are the primary weapons of the Yellow Time Force Ranger. The Yellow Chrono Sabers can be used as a melee weapon and also lets Katie perform his Time Strike attack.

Vector Weapon 4

Vector Weapon 4
Vector Weapon 4 is used by the Yellow Time Force Ranger when he needs to fire a strong blast of energy. Vector Weapon 4 can combine with the other Vector Weapons to form the Vortex Blaster.

Chrono Blaster Yellow

Chrono Blaster
The Chrono Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Time Force Ranger.


Yellow Vector Cycle

Yellow Vector Cycle
The Yellow Vector Cycle is the Yellow Time Force Ranger’s primary form of transportation.

Later Appearances


Wild Force
Katie travels to present day to aid the Wild Force Rangers with her fellow teammates to defeat the Mut-Orgs.