Wesley Collins, Red Time Force Ranger


Name: Wesley Collins
Ranger: Red Time Force Ranger
Actor: Jason Faunt
Episodes: 42
First Appearance: “Force From The Future: Part 2″
Last Appearance: “Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Mirai Sentai Timeranger
Producer: Saban

Wes Collins

Character Bio

Wes is a spoiled rich kid from present day that was chosen to become the Red Time Force Ranger by Jen in order to unlock the rest of the Time Force Rangers Chrono Morphers due to his identical DNA match to the original Red Time Force Ranger Alex. After unlocking the other Chrono Morphers, Jen forcefully takes his morpher back until he proves himself. As time goes on, Wes develop feeling for Jen, the Pink Time Force Rangers and the two admit their feelings when Jen leaves to go back to the future. Wes comes from a very wealthy family and was originally groomed to take over his fathers company Bio-Lab one day. However, Wes decides to follow his own destiny and becomes the leader of the Silver Guardians after the rest of the Time Force Rangers return to the future.


Time Flyer 1

Time Flyer 1
Time Flyer 1 is the personal zord of the Red Time Force Ranger. Time Flyer 1 has the ability to combine with the other Time Flyers to form the chest of the Time Force Megazord Mode Red and Mode Blue.


Red Chrono Saber

Red Chrono Blaster
The Red Chrono Sabers are the primary weapons of the Red Time Force Ranger. The Red Chrono Sabers can be used as a melee weapon and also lets Wes perform his Time Strike attack.

Vector Weapon 1

Vector Weapon 1
Vector Weapon 1 is used by the Red Time Force Ranger when he needs to fire a strong blast of energy. Vector Weapon 1 can combine with the other Vector Weapons to form the Vortex Blaster.

Electro Booster

Electro Booster
The Electro Booster is an upgraded form of the Red Chrono Saber designed by Trip to fire a powerful blast of energy.

Chrono Blaster Red

Chrono Blaster
The Chrono Blaster is the standard sidearm for each Time Force Ranger.


Red Battle Warrior

Red Battle Warrior
This form was given to Wes by the White Knight to stop the Black Knight from creating chaos in Silver Hills.


Red Vector Cycle

Red Vector Cycle
The Red Vector Cycle is the Red Time Force Ranger’s primary form of transportation.

Strata Cycle

Strata Cycle
The Strata Cycle is a hovercraft-like vehicle that has the ability to fly and can fire blasts of energy.

Later Appearances

Wild Force (Reinforcements From The Future)
Wes aided the Wild Force Rangers with his fellow teammates to defeat the Mut-Orgs.

Wild Force (Forever Red)
Wes is recruited with the other Red Rangers at the time to stop the Machine Empire Remnants from digging up Serpentera.

Super Megaforce
Wes looked on as some civilians discussed the defeat of the Power Rangers. Wes is later seen aiding the Mega Rangers in defeating the last wave of X-Borgs.