Season 9 (2001)

Played by: Vernon Wells
A Fugitive from the year 3000, he eluded Time Force capture after defeating the original Red  Time Force Ranger, Alex.  He vows vengeance on all who do not accept mutant kind . His Powers include telekinesis, teleportation, energy projection, and the ability to pull weapons from his body.

Played by: Kate Sheldon
Daughter of Ransik who is very vain and nearly always runs from a battle, but when she doesn’t she can extend her fingernails as weapons.

Played by: Eddie Frierson & Jeff Griggs
Frax is the technological brains of the team creating weapons and even the device that allowed them to time travel.  However, Frax has his own agenda and plans to achieve them behind Ransik’s back. He has his own private army of mutants, thanks to his discovery of the infamous X-Vault – prison to the most vile criminals.

Played by: Neil Kaplan
Recruited from the future to join the team by Nadira, Gluto is a very strong fighter but very stubborn.