IX. Villains


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Cryo Prison Cryo Prison Interior


Ransik Ransik Unmasked

Played By: Vernon Wells
Ransik was created from a genetic experiment gone wrong and was shunned by society for being what he was which motivated him to lead an army of Mutants in rebellion. He hijacks a Cryo Prison and travels to the year 2001 so that he is able to take over the planet before Time Force is established. Ransik entire body is a weapon shown in his ability to make weapons out of his bones.After all his mutants are recaptured by the Time Force Rangers, he takes on the Time Force Rangers himself and nearly succeeds in defeating them if it weren’t for his daughter Nadira persuading him that humans are not the enemy. He has a change of heart and turns himself in.


Played By: Kate Sheldon
Nadira is the spoiled daughter of Ransik that desires monetary possessions after learning that having these things gives you power in the year 2001. After helping a woman give birth, she has a change of heart on how she views the world and persuades her father to turn himself in.

Frax Dr.Fericks

Voiced By: Eddie Frierson
Frax is first shown to be the loyal technical adviser to Ransik and his prison full of mutant criminals. However, as the series progresses, Frax is shown to detest the way he and his robot creations are treated by his master and starts working on plans by himself. These plans include releasing mutant criminals stored in the X-Vault where the strongest mutants are kept in the Cryo Prison. Later in the series, it is revealed that Frax was once a human scientist known as Dr.Fericks who aided Ransik in his early days by giving him medicine that temporarily cured him of Venomark’s bite temporarily. After obtaining this medicine and blueprints for his Cyclobots, Ransik blows up his lab and leaves him for dead. Dr.Fericks, in a last ditch effort, turns himself into a robot to save his life and exacts revenge on Ransik and does so by destroying all the serum Ransik needs to survive. Frax then leaves the Cryo Prison to enact numerous attacks on the city with his giant robots. During his completion of his ultimate creation Doomtron, Frax is found by Ransik and is transformed into a mindless servant to pilot Doomtron to destroy Silver Hills. After his Doomtron is destroyed, Frax is destroyed himself as he falls to pieces.


Voiced By: Neil Kaplan
Gluto swears his loyalty to Nadira after he is saved from being frozen and helps Ransik at completing his goals any way he can. After seeing all the destruction that is going on in the finale, Gluto decides to freeze himself until it blows over.


Doomtron is Frax’s final robotic creation before he was captured and reprogrammed by Ransik. Powered by a Trizirium Crystal, Doomtron is able to go toe-to-toe with the Q-Rex that is until his Trizirium Crystal is altered which inevitably causes him to explode.


The Cyclobots serve as footsoldiers to both Ransik & Frax.


Zombie Vypra

Played By: Jennifer Yen
Vypra is resurrected by unknown circumstances and travels to Silver Hill to acquire a Solar Amulet. She teams up with Ransik and succeeds in releasing the Super Demon Quarganon from the Solar Amulet. She is destroyed alongside Quarganon by the combined efforts of the Lightspeed & Time Force Rangers.


Voiced By: Ron Rogge
This Super Demon is released from the Solar Amulet by Vypra and given the task of destroying the Lightspeed and Time Force Rangers. He alongside Vypra are destroyed by the combined efforts of the Lightspeed & Time Force Rangers.

Demon Warriors

Demon Warriors
Vypra brings these five warriors to life to aide her in retrieving the Solar Amulet.