IX. Allies


Time Force Logo

Time Force


Voiced By: Brianne Sidall
Circuit serves as the robotic aide to the Time Force Rangers. He is also the one responsible for summoning the Time Flyers from the year 3000.

Alex Red Time Force Ranger

Played By: Jason Faunt
Alex was the original Red Time Force Rangers and Jen’s fiancee before he was thought to be killed by Ransik. However, it is revealed that he survived and is the one responsible for sending the Time Force Rangers the Time Shadow. He eventually decides to travel to the year 2001 and replaces Wes as the Red Time Force Ranger for a short time. He eventually returns to the year 3000 after learning that the team does better with Wes as Red Ranger.

Captain Logan

Captain Logan
Played By: Roy Werner
Captain Logan serves as a captain of the Time Force Police.


Mr. Collins

Played By: Edward Albert
Mr.Collins is the father of Wes, the Red Time Force Ranger as well as the CEO of Bio-Lab.


Played By: Douglas Fisher
Phillips serves the Collins family as their personal chauffeur.


Doctor Michael Zaskin
Played By: Ken Merckx
Doctor Michael Zaskin works at Bio-Lab as head scientist.

Silver Guardians

Silver Guardians
The Silver Guardians are dispatched by Bio-Lab to defend anybody in Silver Hills who can pay for it.

Ranger Allies

Lightspeed Ranger Civilians Lightspeed Rangers

Lightspeed Rangers
Played By: Sean Cw Johnson. Mike Chat, Keith Robinson,
Sasha Williams, Alison MacInnis, & Rhett Fisher
The Lightspeed Rangers travel to Silver Hills to aide the Time Force Rangers in defeating Vypra.