Season 9

Voiced by: Brianne Siddall
Circuit is a mechanical owl which acts as an information source and calls Captain Logan to send the Time Fliers when needed. It traveled to the 21st century with the Time Force Rangers to assist them. As the Time Force Rangers’ technical adviser, Circuit informs them of the weapons at their disposal, and performs diagnostics on their equipment.

 Captain Logan
Played by: Roy Werner
Captain Logan was the overseer and superior to the Time Force Rangers but fired them when they let Ransik escape. He later aids them with new weapons and Zords from the future.

Mr. Collins
Played by: Edward Albert
Mr. Collins is a wealthy millionaire and Wes’ father, owner of Bio Lab, and founder of the Silver Guardians.At times he sees his son as a failure until he learns he is the Red Ranger and the two team up.

Played by: Douglas Fisher
Philips is the Collins family butler and chaffeur, always ready to give Wes helpful advice.

Dr. Zaskin
Played by: Ken Merckx
Dr. Michael Zaskin is a scientist who works for Bio-Lab. He undertook the task of duplicating the Quantum Powers, but was unsuccessful.

Played by: Jason Faunt
Alex was the Red Time Force Ranger from the future and was engaged to Jen, but when Ransik struck him down he passed down the morpher to Jen; Jen later gave the Morpher to Wes. He continued to assist the team by sending them the Time Shadow when needed.  There were times when he c ame back from the future and insisted the Wes give him the Morpher back, until he realized the team was better off with Wes as the leader.

The Silver Guardians
This elite team of soliders not only protects the Bio-Lab complex they are also a protection for hire group who only caters to individuals who can afford it. After becoming the Quantum Ranger, Eric became the leader.

Lightspeed Rescue Rangers
Vypra returns and sets loose a super demon named  Quargenon. In order to defeat him the Lightspeed Rescue Rangers travel to Silver Hills to assist the Time Force Rangers