Played By: Carol Hoyt
After Zordon returns to his home planet Eltar, Dimitria is called upon to aide the Turbo Rangers as their mentor. Due to her being from the planet Inquiris, most of her advice to the Turbo Rangers comes in the form of a question. After it is revealed that Eltar was under attack by Dark Specter’s forces, Dimitria along with the Blue Senturion go to Eltar to assist in battling Dark Specter’s forces.

Alpha 6

Alpha 6
Voiced By: Katerina Luciani
After Alpha 5 goes to Eltar with Zordon, Alpha 6 arrives at the Power Chamber to aide the Turbo Rangers as their technical adviser.


Voiced By: Lex Lang
Leigot travels to Earth and uses his powers to free Zordon from his Time Warp so that he may return to his home planet of Eltar.


Voiced By: David Walsh
Visceron is a friend of Dimitria who travels from Inquiris to deliver news that Dimitria has a twin sister.

Robot Rangers
Played By: Selwyn Ward, Blake Foster, Roger Velasco,
Tracy Lynn Cruz, & Patricia Ja Lee
The Robot Rangers were created by Zordon & Alpha 5 on Eltar to test the idea of having them fight alongside the real Turbo Rangers.

Angel Grove Residents

Bulk & Skull
Played By: Paul Schrier & Jason Narvy
Bulk & Skull are transformed into monkeys by Elgar and attempt to persuade people that they are them. They are eventually transformed back into humans and take up odd jobs that usually never last long.

Jerome Stone

Jerome Stone
Played By: Gregg Bullock
Jerome takes over Ernie’s Juice Bar after Ernie is drafted to aide in building a bridge in South America.


Ms. Appleby
Played By: Royce Herron
Ms. Appleby serves as the primary teacher of the Turbo Rangers.


Mr. Caplan
Played By: Henry Cannon
Mr. Caplan serves as Principal of Angel Grove High.


Mr. Peabody
Played: John McGee
Mr. Peabody was in charge of inventory for a Egyptian Stunt Show Adam was apart of.

Mayor Carrington

Mayor Carrington
Mayor Carrington serves as Mayor Of Angel Grove.