Season 5

Played by: David Fielding, Voiced by:  Robert L. Manahan
The wise old wizard of the planet Eltar who was trapped in an inter-dimensional time warp gave the Rangers their powers and serves as their mentor.  After a wormhole was opened by the wizard Lerigot, Alpha 5 and Zordon returned to Eltar, leaving the Rangers in the capable hands of Dimitria.

Alpha 5
Played by: Richard Wood
A fully sentient robotic automaton built on the planet Edenoi by King Lexian. He was the trusty assistant of Zordon and friend to the Power Rangers often  solving technical problems and assisting the Rangers in monstrous problems. After a wormhole was opened by the wizard Lerigot, Alpha 5 and Zordon returned to Eltar.
He is best known for his motto, “Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay, Ay!”

Played by: Carol Hoyt
Taking the place of Zordon as the mentor for the Turbo Rangers. Dimitria is from the planet Inquirus and often speaks in riddle, never giving the Rangers a direct answer.  She is suspected to be the sister of Divatox.

Alpha 6
Played by: Catherine Battistone (credited as Katerina Luciani)
When Alpha 5 left for Eltar with Zordon, Alpha 6 was sent in his place.  This Alpha was a little different, but with an attitude!

Voiced by: Lex Lang
Lerigot is a wizard from the planet Liaria. He holds a key that is capable of opening intergalactic portals throughout the universe.  He was being chased by Divatox for his magical key which would unleash Maligore. He fled to Earth, where he got help from the Rangers. His Powers also aided in sending Zordon and Alpha 5 to Eltar.

Kimberly Hart & Jason Lee Scott
Played by: Amy Jo Johnson & Austin St. John
Kidnapped by Divatox, these former Rangers were put under a spell by Maligore’s flame and were pitted against their former allies. With the help of Lerigot’s magic they were turned good once more and assisted the Turbo Rangers in their fight against Maligore.

Jerome Stone
Played by: Gregg Bullock
After Ernie left for South America, Lt. Stone took over the Youth Center.

Eugene “Skull” Skullovtich & Farkus “Bulk” Bulkmeier 
Voiced by:  Jason Narvy & Paul Schrier
Bulk & Skull were zapped into chimps by Elgar, later taken in by Lt. Stone who felt for some reason that he knew them. Later one of Divatox’s missiles turned them back into humans but left them invisible!