The Turbo Morpher
Used by each Turbo Ranger to morph with the call of “Shift Into Turbo!” & a call out of their Turbo Zord.

Auto Blasters
Turbo shooters used by all 5 Turbo Rangers

Turbo Blade
A sword carried by each Turbo Ranger. The handle could be pulled back for an extra power boost.

Turbo Lightning Sword
Turbo weapon wielded by Tommy, passed onto TJ the Red Turbo Ranger

Turbo Thunder Cannon
Turbo weapon wielded by Adam, passed onto Carlos the Green Turbo Ranger

Turbo Hand Blasters
Turbo weapon wielded by Justin the Blue Turbo Ranger

Turbo Wind Fire
Turbo weapon wielded by Kat, passed onto Cassie the Pink Turbo Ranger

Turbo Star Charges
Turbo weapon wielded by Tanya, passed onto Ashley the Yellow Turbo Ranger

Turbo R.A.M. Cannon (Robotic Arsenal Mobilizer) is the combination of the 5 Turbo Weapons that fires a powerful finishing beam.

Senturion Synergizer
Personal sidearm of the Blue Senturion which has a blaster mode and a baton mode.

Senturion Cycle
The Blue Senturion’s personal cycle

Lightning Cruiser & Storm Blaster
Alien vehicles that can reach great speeds and fly through space.
Were piloted by T.J. & Justin

Turbo Carts
Wicked fast turbo carts equipped with blasters