V. Locations


Turbo Logo

Angel Grove

Power Chamber Power Chamber (Turbo) Interior

Power Chamber
The Power Chamber continued to serve as the main headquarters of the Turbo Rangers. The Power Chamber is destroyed by Divatox’s Forces after she found its location.

Angel Grove Youth Center Angel Grove Youth Center Interior

Angel Grove Youth Center
The Youth Center is the local hangout of the Turbo Rangers equipped with a juice bar and an area for the Turbo Rangers to practice their unique talents. It was taken over by Lt.Stone after Ernie left to build a bridge in South America.

Angel Grove High School Angel Grove High Interior Turbo

Angel Grove High School
Angel Grove High School is the school attended by the Turbo Rangers.

Angel Grove Racing Technologies Angel Grove Racing Technologies Interior

Angel Grove Racing Technologies
Tommy spent most of his time at this location after racing cars.

KAGV KAGV Interior

Tanya works at this radio station after she graduates from Angel Grove High.

Divatox's Monster Training Camp Throne Divatox's Monster Training Camp

Divatox’s Monster Training Camp
This camp is used by Divatox to train her army to battle the Turbo Rangers.


Subcraft Divatox's Subcraft Interior

The Subcraft is Divatox and her cohorts primary form of transportation as well as her main base of operations for the first half of Turbo. The Subcraft later takes permanent residence in Divatox’s Space Base.

Divatox's Bed Divatox's Bedroom

Divatox’s Bedroom
This room located in the Subcraft is where Divatox goes to sleep.

Space Base

Space Base Space Base Interior

Space Base
When General Havoc arrived on Earth, he also brought the Space Base with him. Divatox uses the Space Base as her headquarters for the second half of Turbo.

Space Base Robot Bay Ground Space Base Robot Bay

Robot Bay
The Space Base has its own area to house giant robots including a commandeered Turbo Megazord at one point.


Divatox Planet Divatox Planet Beach

Divatox Planet
This unnamed planet is the home of Divatox’s Army.